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R u enjoy sex

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According to Hollywood rom-coms, you should want to get hot and heavy with your partner every chance you get. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center.

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Many couples experience a surge in sexual excitement and activity when they begin to try for a baby.

They may be suddenly free from hormonal birth control methods or the barrier sensation of condoms and often feel they have a closer and more intimate connection than before. However, after a short time, if a baby has not been conceived, this heightened sense of intimacy and sexual excitement may fade. What typically replaces it is a sense of monotony and routine—sex by schedule, goal-oriented sex, sex under pressure—as well as anxietygrief, and loss.

The emotional ups and downs can be hard for people to endure time and time again. Hope is erased by the first sight of your period, and then sadness and grief R u enjoy sex over. Sometimes, partners experience guilt on top of all these other emotions. Is it my fault we are not getting pregnant? Is it his fault we are not getting pregnant? Are we doing it wrong? Could we have done something differently?

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Is it because I did X, Y, or Z? Many people also feel guilty that they want sex only in order to conceive. This can be an extremely difficult time for couples.

8 ways to make sex more enjoyable while trying to conceive

The pressure to conceive often colors the mood and trajectory of the sexual relationship. Here are some recommendations that may help you continue to enjoy sex while going through the process of trying to conceive :.

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Reach out to your support system, get the medical attention and therapeutic support you need, and focus on what you love about your partner. Sustain emotional intimacy and focus on the pleasure of being together by not rushing to the male ejaculation. Extend foreplay and remember that just because sex may be scheduled does not mean you cannot also experience pleasure and even orgasm.

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7 healthy reasons you should have sex — right now!

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You have R u enjoy sex be willing to focus on the act itself and not what you want for the outcome to be. We had wanted a baby so badly for so long that it got stressful to even think about having sex because we had to wrong goals in mind. I know that it is easy for me to say this from my perspective now that we have kids, but we had a very difficult time getting pregnant in the beginning.

We had even started looking at other options for having children when finally we were able to conceive on our own.

We become so focused on what is WAAYY down the road ahead of us instead of concentrating more on the right here right now. Right now we have to make sure that we are giving our spouse the attention and gratitude that they need to feel and deserve.

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And of course they need to do for us. Live for the moment and enjoy it all. I hate to say this but I have known more than one couple who have wound up splitting up because of the pressure of trying to make a baby. It is like they started letting this consume every thought and action that they had with one another and as the months would go by without a pregnancy it is like more resentment and attitude would crop up between them.

Just focus on the love that you have for one another.

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In the end this is what the act and the commitment are all about, so that is what you should have in your head that you should be worrying about. Pleasing the other person, nothing else.

5 reasons women don’t enjoy sex — and how to overcome them

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