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Meeting of minds

Become a member. The month-long literary festival will celebrate the best new releases in fiction and non-fiction, giving a voice to writers old and new. Some of my friends do not understand themselves as political bodies, so we spell schwarz black in lower-case letters, to avoid pushing a political identity.

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Meeting of the minds also referred to as mutual agreementmutual assent or consensus ad idem is a phrase in contract law used to describe the intentions of the parties forming the Meeting of minds. In particular, it refers to the situation where there is a common understanding in the formation of the contract. Formation of a contract is initiated with a proposal or offer. This condition or element is considered a requirement to the formation of a contract in some jurisdictions.

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Digital twins and AI analysis would offer ificant benefits to organizations across all sectors. By providing a comprehensive look at a geographical area and its infrastructure and assets, these technologies will enable smarter and more targeted field planning optimization. It could help digitize field surveys, offer new levels of remote engineering access, and enable contact Meeting of minds around COVID The focus will continue to shift away from the data itself and towards its relationships.

The connections between data are where the most powerful insights lie. AI at scale and emerging data technologies truly illustrate this connectivity and potential. In particular, we talked about the new Bleutech Park project which touts itself as an eco-entertainment park. They are deploying new technologies and materials to Meeting of minds water, energy, mobility, housing, and climate-smart solutions as they anticipate full-time residents and park visitors.

I caught up with Joe Bergera — CEO of Iteris — recently and we discussed a cloud-first strategy for cities and the benefits, particularly during the pandemic.

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Organizations, cities and companies that have replicated some of their business processes in the cloud have navigated the pandemic quite well. We discuss why that is, and what can be done to help other cities during this time. I spoke recently with Jacques Beltran from Dassault Systemes about how the crisis has been an accelerator for cities and public agencies to Meeting of minds digitization strategies.

He shares some relevant examples of how cities in Europe were lagging one to two months behind what was really occurring on the ground. They found some very surprising findings. They also worked at a regional scale to predict and visualize viral spread to anticipate hospital capacity a month ahead — a key tool for regional officials.

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The use of virtual twins are extensive for cities. In that ancient past, only the most studious of news observers had heard of a virus in Wuhan, China, that was causing a lethal disease.

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Two months later we were in lockdown, all over the world, and while things have improved a lot in the US since Novemberin many cities and nations around the world this is not the case. India is living through a COVID nightmare of untold proportions as we speak, and many nations have gone through wave after wave of this pandemic.

The end is not in sight. It is not over.

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Not by a longshot. Planning for new, shared modes of transit that will rival private vehicles in access and convenience requires a paradigm shift in the planning process. Rather than using traditional methods, we need to capture individual behavior while interacting with the systems in questions.

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An increasing of studies show that combining agent-based simulation with activity-based travel demand modeling is a good approach. This approach creates a digital twin of the population of the city, with similar characteristics as their real-world counterparts.

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These synthetic individuals have activities to perform through the course of the day, and need to make mobility decisions to travel between activity locations. The entire transportation infrastructure of the city is replicated on a virtual platform that simulates real life scenarios.

If individual behavior and the governing laws of the digital reality are accurately reproduced, large-scale Meeting of minds demand emerges from the bottom-up, reflecting the real-world incidences. After the murder of George Floyd we wrote this article as a kind of blueprint, a beginning to a new way of working with equitable resilience in our cities and beyond.

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Now, as the trial of Derek Chauvin comes to a guilty verdict in Minneapolis and the whole country reflects on the legacy of that verdict, we have to remember another senseless murder — another young Black man, Daunte Wright, at the hands of law enforcement, just miles from the courthouse. Again, Meeting of minds is all of us. We have protested, we have voted. We stood up, we spoke out, we have raged about the anti-Black racism.

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We have seen people come together, we can feel a shift in this country. But there is so much more to do. No equity, no resilience.

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Apr 13, Housing that is affordable to low-income residents is often substandard and suffering from deferred maintenance, exposing residents to poor air quality and high energy bills. This situation can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory health issues, and Meeting of minds scarce dollars from higher value items like more nutritious food, health care, or education.

Providing safe, decent, affordable, and healthy housing is one way to address historic inequities in community investment. Engaging with affordable housing and other types of community benefit projects is an important first step toward fully integrating equity into the green building process.

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In creating a framework for going deeper on equity, our new book, the Blueprint for Affordable Housing Island Pressstarts with the Convention on Human Rights and the fundamental right to housing. Since the Great Recession ofthe housing wealth gap has expanded to include not just Black and Brown Americans, but younger White Americans as well.

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Millennials and Generation Z Whites are now ing their Black and Brown peers in facing untenable housing precarity and blocked access to wealth. With wages stuck at levels and housing prices at least double in inflation adjusted terms what they were 40 years ago, many Meeting of minds Americans, most with college degrees, are giving up on buying a home and even struggle to rent apartments suitable for raising a family.

What makes it hard for policy people and citizens to accept this truth is that we have not seen this problem in a very long time.

Back in the s of course, but not really since then. But this is actually an old problem that has come back to haunt us; a problem first articulated by Adam Smith in the s. First Name.

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Recent Articles. This article was originally published on September 8, Update for April 20, After the murder of George Floyd we wrote this article as a kind of blueprint, a beginning to a new way of working with equitable resilience in our cities and beyond. Meeting of the Minds spotlights innovations in smart and sustainable cities.

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