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Educated wife material looking for same

Instead, I was disgusted.

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Top definition. Wife Material. A girl you would consider perfect enough to marry one day. Amanda is soooo tits! Ya, shes wife materialfor sure. May 26 Word of the Day.

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Is it possible that the more a woman learns and the more money she earns, the less she wants to be tied down into a traditional role of playing second fiddle to him in a relationship? Eventually, she dumps him and tries to find a man who can give her the feeling of being safe and protected, even if he happens to be earning less than her. Naturally, most men are wired to want to protect and provide for women and most women are wired to want to feel protected and provided for by a man. If a woman is earning money, then she should contribute just Educated wife material looking for same much as the man does financially.

Instead, what it means is that men and women are naturally wired to like a certain relationship dynamic i. Update: Interestingly, another study that I featured in a recent video found that even feminist women preferred men who treated them and looked at them in a more traditional way i. Watch the video here.

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To quote editor Michael Noer from Forbes. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones.

Blondes or brunettes. According to Mr. Noer and many social scientistsby marrying a college-educated career woman you run a higher risk of having a shaky marriage. It seems that recent studies have found that professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat on their husbands and less likely to want to have children.

I am a big fan of smart chicks Educated wife material looking for same to improve the world, especially in areas like science, but the statistics do show that brainy women who can earn a good living tend to be trigger happy when it comes to divorce. In many cases, a career woman will be getting so much satisfaction from what she is achieving at work that she will feel emotionally full enough to let a man go.

However, the statistics definitely show that college educated women and career focused women tend to dump or divorce men in higher s.

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If she marries a man who knows how to make her be a good woman to him and their love is true from the beginning, then they should be fine. So, it could be the exact same woman, but she married a different type of guy and as a result, the outcome was either stay together for life, or end in a divorce. It will be very difficult for her to find a man who can accept her level of success, not become insecure about it and, at the same time, make her feel safe and protected with him.

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Personally speaking, the men that I know who are happily married to career women or highly-educated women are men who are rising through the levels of life and reaching for their true potential as a man. Instead, he is proud of her and happy that he has a woman who is capable of earning money, succeeding in her career and enjoying her life with him at the same time. Celebrities who appear on TV talk shows often proclaim to be so much happier after getting divorced and finding a new man. Back init would have been shameful to divorce or break up, but these days, many celebrities and pop idols tend to portray divorce as being a cool thing.

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Times have definitely changed and along with it, so have ideas about what a relationship between a man and a woman should be. In2.

Essentially what this means is that if you are a college-educated man married to a college-educated woman, your chances of staying married are actually higher. The statistics from the various studies all seem to conflict each other, so what is the right answer? Personally, I think that basing your decision to commit to a woman based on her education level is the wrong approach. If you pay attention to the random statistics that the media comes out with every now and then after a new study is produced, you will notice that they usually contradict each other.

So, many men out there do still want Educated wife material looking for same get married, even though it might not seem that way if you talk to certain people or groups who are against it. Statistics from other countries show higher and lower marriage rates, but the USA is usually a good statistical base to refer to.

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Men are attracted to qualities such as loyalty, discretion and kindness when they look for a wife. Feisty and flirty is fine for a girlfriend. When I chose my girlfriend she was 20 when we met and I was 35I had been on the look out for the sexiest woman I could find. I then interacted with her to see what her personality was like and found she ticked all the boxes that I was looking for, so I let her be my girlfriend. I was a player and if a girl was going to get to be my girlfriend, it was a case of me letting her have that privilege.

Of course, as I got to know my girlfriend, who is now my wife, I developed a tremendous amount of respect for her and she has turned out to be a real blessing in my life. She recently gave birth to our beautiful twin daughters and her and I fall more in love with each other every day. When I met my girlfriend, I knew she was a great match because she ticked all of the following boxes and more. This happens Educated wife material looking for same a result of a guy not knowing how to attract and pick up women in the first place, as well as thinking that women have all the power in the dating game.

The outdated standards of modesty to which we hold women

The couples that you see who are still happily married or madly in love 40 or 50 years into a relationship are those who have met their perfect match and then approached the relationship correctly. They have strengthened their connection and bond over time as well as deepening the love, respect and attraction they feel for each other. You have to be able to create and maintain a relationship dynamic that le to both of you falling more and more in love with each other over time. He only gets sex on birthdays that end with zero e.

Is it wrong for a couple to live like that? And yes, he works full-time.

Intimacy is reserved only for his birthdays — and then just the ones with a zero. I am shamefully neglectful of my wifely duties. In fact, I am the anti-wife. He makes my life easier. Does that make me a selfish, slovenly, neglectful wife? I have always said that if you let a woman wear the pants in a relationship, the sex will dry up very quickly.

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What we teach here at The Modern Man is how to create and maintain the type of relationship dynamic where the love, respect and attraction that you and your woman feel for each other deepens over time, rather than fading away. She wants to have sex with you, she wants to be good to you and she goes out of her way to make that happen.

Rather than being a husband and wife who still have sex and are excited to be around each other, Kate and her husband are more like housemates or friends. Statistics above are accurate at the time of writing this post based on votes.

Career women and divorce

Place your vote below to have your say:. View. I think that marriage is becoming a bit of strange idea to the current generation, because all you have to do is turn on Discovery Channel or the National Geographic Channel and you will see people talking about the latest breakthroughs in life extension.

Flick the channel and watch Entertainment Tonight or ENews and you will see celebrities and other public figures going through a messy break up or divorce. Additionally, how have I approached that topic with my wife?

That was easy for Socrates to say back then because there was no divorce court, or forced child support. American Law and Economics Review 2 1 : — Mail Online. Huff Post. Getting her to love you, respect you, touch you and want you the way she did in the beginning, isn't difficult at all. So, if your woman isn't showing you the respect, love and affection you deserve, watch this eye-opening, life-changing video by Dan Bacon to find Educated wife material looking for same what you've been missing.

Dan Bacon is a relationship expert and is happily married. He has also discovered the hidden secret to making a relationship or marriage last for life. Watch this free video and he will share the secret with you. I rather have many relationships with different women. My ideal wife would have a sexy body, beautiful face, nice legs, long hair, beautiful ass and nice breasts. In her personality she has to be feminine, caring, intelligent, socially intelligent, trustworthy etc. In the house she have to do all of the cooking, cleaning and the other house works. I have friends who have married their first girlfriend and I wish them all the best.

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If they have chosen well then their relationships may well last. For me, I have seen close family members go through the stress of a deteriorating relationship and divorce and was naturally put off by marriage at a young age.

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I feel the only two viable options are: choose a woman who is really, really compatible for marriage or a defacto relationship or remain unmarried with short-term relationships etc. She must be interested in health and fitness. Your description of the perfect woman sounds like a nice one!

Changing times, changing relationships

Make sure you choose the right girl Keiran! Not anymore! I totally agree. Dan, do you know of any guys that were still able to get a a girlfriend that had a college education meanwhile the guy did not have a college education?

Online dating is completely different to meeting women in person. Online, women raise their standard 10x or even x what they would accept in person.

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Yes, of course you can pick up women who are more educated than you. My last girlfriend who wanted to marry me had a university degree. Awesome, very glad to hear that Dan!!! Yes, I have. A woman making a lot of money usually just wants a guy to love her, respect her and at least be trying to reach his own true potential as a man, instead of living off her earnings.