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I meet up with my white German friend Nina two days after the Hanau attacks.

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It was set up under the direction of Hitler Youth leader, Baldur von Schirach. All girls in the BDM were constantly reminded that the great task of their schooling was to prepare them to be "carriers of the Cute girl at Germany general world view". The historian Cate Haste has pointed out: "The leadership immediately set about organizing youth into a coherent body of loyal supporters. Under Baldur von Schirach, himself only twenty-five at the time, the organization was to net all young people from ages ten to eighteen to be schooled in Nazi ideology and trained to be the future valuable members of the Reich.

From the start, the Nazis pitched their appeal as the party of youth, building a New Germany Hitler intended to inspire youth with a mission, appealing to their idealism and hope. In fact, its leaders were part of "an enormous bureaucratised enterprise, rather than representative of an autonomous youth culture. Her unit used to meet every Wednesday and Saturday. She remembers the importance of singing songs at meetings.

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This included the following: "Onward, onward, fanfares are joyfully blaring. Onward, onward, youth must be fearless and daring. Germany, your light shines true, even if we die for you.

According to Richard Grunberger the ideal "German League of Girls type exemplified early nineteenth-century notions of what constituted the essence of maidenhood. Girls who infringed the code by perming their hair instead of wearing plaits or the 'Grechen' wreath of braids had it ceremoniously shaved off as punishment.

As a negative counter-image Nazi propaganda projected the combative, man-hating suffragettes of other countries. The German League of Girls was not a popular organization until the election of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor and in only had 9, members. I felt great joy then.

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It was portrayed at school as a turning point in the fate of the Fatherland. There was a chance that German self-confidence could grow again. The words 'Fatherland' and 'German people' were big, meaningful words which you used carefully - something big and grand. Before, the national spirit was depressed, and it was renewed, rejuvenated, and people responded very positively. Melita Maschmann ed the German League of Girls on 1st March in secret because she knew her parents would disapprove. Like the other girls she was ordered to read Mein Kampf but she never finished the book.

She argued that the BDM gave her a sense of purpose and belonging.

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Maschmann admitted that "she devoted herself to it night and day, to the neglect of her schooling and the distress of her parents". We were all given the entry forms in class to fill in Cute girl at Germany general and then, and told to take it home for our parents' ature We had to attend classes after school and learn about Adolf Hitler and his achievements. We did community work, singing to soldiers in hospitals and making little presents for them like bookmarks, or poems written out neatly.

We also went on hikes and collected leaves and herbs for the war effort. Hedwig Ertl enjoyed the activities organized by BDM. You went on trips together without paying for it, and you were given exactly the same amount of pocket money as those who had lots of money and now you could go riding and skating and so on, when before you couldn't afford it.

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You could go to the cinema for 30 pfennings. We could never go to the cinema before, and suddenly things that had been impossible were there for us. That was incredible, those beautiful Nazi movies. I acquired membership, and forthwith attended meetings, ed ball games and competitions, and took part in weekend hikes; and I thought that whether we were sitting in a circle around a camp fire or just rambling through the countryside and singing old German folk songs.

Hildegard Koch was encouraged to the BDM at the age of He told Hildegard's father: "Your Hilde is a real Hitler girl, blonde and strong - just the type we need Don't let her Cute girl at Germany general under the degenerate influence of the Jews, make her the BDM. The duties demanded of the BDM included regular attendance at club premises and camps run by the Nazi Party. One time the hairbrush of a squad leader was publicly displayed because it was full of long hairs.

I thought this might be exciting, but it wasn't like I imagined, even though it was right in the country in some lovely woodland. I was shouted at within minutes of arriving, for not picking up a bit of eggshell I'd dropped.

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We had to get up early each morning, standing to attention in the freezing cold and singing whilst the flag was being hoisted. Then someone stole my purse. My holiday was mainly doing what other people told you to all the time, like standing to attention and raising our arms for the Sieg Heil.

Renate Finckh was only 10 years-old when she ed the BDM. Both her parents were active members of the Nazi Party. I was filled with pride and joy that someone needed me for a higher Cute girl at Germany general. Great pressure was put on young girls to the BDM and by it had a membership of over 2 million.

You were supposed to report and up In our area we had a lot of workers, left-wing oriented workers, there were many students in my class who said that they preferred sports and that they would never up.

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In the end, almost half the class refused to. So my class succeeded in this. But that hardly was possible for the classes after us, as they were put under a lot of pressure to.

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In a speech soon after taking control of the organisation she argued: "We need a generation of girls which is healthy in body and mind, sure and decisive, proudly and Cute girl at Germany general going forward, one which assumes its place in everyday life with poise and discernment, one free of sentimental and rapturous emotions, and which, for precisely this reason, in sharply defined femininity, would be the comrade of a man, because she does not regard him as some sort of idol but rather as a companion!

Such girls will then, by necessity, carry the values of National Socialism into the next generation as the mental bulwark of our people. All girls in the BDM were told to dedicate themselves to comradeship, service and physical fitness for motherhood.

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In parades they wore navy blue skirts, white blouses, brown jackets and twin pigtails. Its leader, Baldur von Schirachargued "that the Hitler Youth has called up its children to the community of National Socialist youth so that they can give the poorest sons and daughters of our people something like a family for the first time.

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These arguments upset many parents. They felt that the Nazi Party was taking over control their children. Hildegard Koch constantly came into conflict with her mother over her membership of the BDM: "After all, we were the new youth; the old people just had Cute girl at Germany general learn to think in the new way and it was our job to make them see the ideals of the new nationalised Germany".

Members of the BDM later recalled that they welcomed the extra power they had over their parents: "As a young person, you were taken seriously. You did things which were important Your dependence on your parents was reduced, because all the time it was your work for the Hitler Youth that came first, and your parents came second All the time you were kept busy and interested, and you really believed you had to change the world. Susanne von der Borch was another girl whose mother did not want her to the BDM.

She was convinced that something terrible was happening to us. AsI could not judge. I was simply besotted by it.

Ingeborg Drewitz ed the BDM in without daring to tell her parents. Well, because of the things that one thinks at age thirteen: I wanted to rebel against my parents at all cost because they disliked everything that everyone else liked.

She later recalled that she enjoyed the friendship, outings, and excitement "at working for a great cause".

Other girls like Helga Schmidt wanted to the BDM but her parents would not let her: "We were at first wild with enthusiasm about the Nazi regime. There was, of course, the Hitler Youth, which my father was against.

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Therefore, even though the school exerted a bit of pressure on us toI was among those who were not in the League of German Girls BDM. And it was not pleasant for the older child to have to stand on the sidelines, because that is not one's inclination. The trick was that I went to school a private girls' school her mother had attended in the city of Berlin, but lived so Cute girl at Germany general speak in another district, so they never figured it out, because they had no communication with each other. In my village I always said more or less, I'm in it in Berlin.

One could always create certain freedoms, right? But naturally the thing was, I did not have a uniform. And when there were big marches or school festivals, the teacher always said, Put on a black skirt and a white blouse, so it's not so noticeable.