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This happened every night for probably several months. But one of the things that stuck out from that time was a trick my mom taught me to help calm me down. You know how they always say to try counting sheep?

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Problems Sleeping. Imagine a world where you hardly ever went to sleep.

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There are several theories proposed as to why breastfeeding has a protective effect against sudden unexpected deaths in infancy.

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These include:. Many parents find that bringing their baby into their bed helps them to care for their baby at night. Babies need to be fed during the night and many new mothers fall asleep while feeding their baby.

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Co-sleeping helps to minimise disruption to sleep for both a mother and her baby. Breastfeeding and co-sleeping mutually support each other.

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The convenience of co-sleeping for breastfeeding at night is the reason parents most commonly give for choosing to co-sleep. Breastfeeding is protective against SIDS. Further protecting her baby, a breastfeeding co-sleeping mother usually adopts a position that facilitates close physical contact and observation of her baby.

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She also instinctively bends her legs completing the protective space around the baby, making it impossible for another person to roll onto the baby without first coming into contact with her legs. Under certain circumstances, some studies have reported an increased risk of SUDI in co-sleeping babies.

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The following risk factors have been identified:. A baby exposed to cigarette smoke eg if the mother or father smokes, or the mother smoked during pregnancy increases the risk of SIDS, regardless of where the baby sleeps. Smoking parents or a mother who smoked during pregnancy should never co-sleep with their baby. Cant sleepneed company are at increased risk of a fatal sleeping accident if they co-sleep with someone who is has consumed alcohol or illegal or sleep-inducing drugs or who is experiencing extreme fatigue.

Babies are at increased risk of death if they co-sleep with more persons than their parents eg other siblings 29 or with a pet.

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Parents who are obese may not be able to feel exactly where or how close their baby is and so may wish to room-share with their baby. Dr James McKenna recommends that formula-fed babies room-share with their parents rather than co-sleep, because mothers who formula feed their babies do Cant sleepneed company demonstrate the same responsive night-time parenting practices as breastfeeding mothers.

Using a sofa, couch, beanbag or armchair as a sleeping place for a baby increases the risk of a fatal sleeping accident.

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Babies can suffocate against cushions or become wedged between the seat and the back of the sofa whether or not a sleeping adult is present. In addition, the peak age for SIDS has always been within this range no matter where the baby sleeps. Leaving a baby unattended on an adult bed also increases the risk of a fatal sleeping accident.

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Do not wrap baby if sharing a sleep surface as this restricts arm and leg movement. There is a lower risk of SIDS when a baby room-shares with parents as compared to a baby sleeping alone in another room solitary sleeping. The main risks of co-sleeping with non-smoking and sober parents are thought to be overheating and head covering. Electric blankets should not be used.

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The bed should be arranged so that the baby is not near a pillow and nor is the head covered by a doona, blanket, sheet or pillow. Babies should always be placed on their back to sleep, never face down. They should not be swaddled or wrapped, but be free to move. The mattress should be firm and flat and there should be no chance for the baby to be trapped against a wall or another bed or between the sides of the bed and the Cant sleepneed company.

Six ways to reduce the risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy and sleep baby safely from Red Nose. Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side.

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Sleep baby with head and face uncovered. Keep baby smoke free before birth and after.

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Provide a safe sleeping environment night and day. Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult care-giver for the first six to twelve months. Breastfeed baby. The information on this website does not replace advice from your health care providers. Breastfeeding: and sleep booklet.

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