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Richard Tewksbury, Ph. W, Ph. Data for this research were obtained from a study of clients of street prostitutes in cities in Oregon, California, and Nevada Monto, ; Implications of these findings are addressed. Understandings of commercialized forms of sexual activity are a niche in the social science literature that have shown a tendency to focus on either discussions of the gendered nature of such work, who is involved in providing commercial sexual services, or examinations of the il legal aspects of such encounters.

The present study seeks to add to this discussion through an examination of whether men who patronize prostitutes display especially high levels of sexual activity. Other issues that have been addressed, but are tangential to the current study include violence in such encounters and patterns of how men find, approach and carry out their commercial sexual encounters.

The research literature has shown that there are a of factors that may be important influences on the frequency of sexual activities for persons in committed relationships. Among these factors are marital status, the presence of children, quality of relationship, and demographics.

The quality of a relationship is clearly also Asian sex partners Louisville important influence on the frequency of sexual activity for heterosexual couples. Some research has been devoted to the effects of leaving a relationship e.

Specifically, lower income individuals both men and women are more likely than higher income individuals to seek and obtain multiple sex partners after leaving a long-term relationship. Overall, however, divorced individuals report a low rate of sexual activity. While still involved in a long-term relationship, ificant s of men Asian sex partners Louisville been shown to pursue and consummate sexual activities outside of their primary relationship.

More than one in five Variations in this include that African-American men are more likely In regards to demographics, three principal variables have been the focus of research: sex, age at which sexual activity was initiated, and race. Each of these variables has been shown in the literature to be related to engagement in casual sexual activity. One national study found that just shy of one-half Such activities are most common for individuals whose first sexual encounter occurred prior to age 17 It appears, therefore, that while African American men may engage in more casual sex while not married, during their marriages they may be less likely to engage in sex with partners other than their spouses.

One understudied issue in sexuality focuses on sexual interactions between men and prostitutes. Recognizing that not all sexual activity occurs between romantic partners, scholars, public health officials, and social service providers are interested Asian sex partners Louisville knowing how frequently, under what circumstances, and who specifically is most likely to be involved in sexual activities with prostitutes. Men with lower levels of education and homeless men have also been shown to have a greater frequency of sex with prostitutes than other men Kinsey, et al.

However, it is also important to note that clients of prostitutes do recognize health risks in such encounters, and will frequently take active steps e.

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While many men who patronize prostitutes may do so repeatedly, this does not inform us about the overall frequency with which these men are sexually active. Most men who have sex with prostitutes also have non-prostitute sexual partners including both relationship partners and casual sexual encounters.

Based on survey data collected from a sample of men arrested for soliciting prostitutes in four cities, the present, exploratory study assessed the frequency of sexual activities for Asian sex partners Louisville men--both with non-prostitute and prostitute partners--and identified predictors of greater and lesser frequency of sexual activities with both varieties of partners. This, in turn, provides an indication of whether customers of prostitutes are seeking to add sexual partners and activities to an already high level of sexual activity or whether other factors are associated with pursuing commercial sex partners.

These data were originally collected in a Asian sex partners Louisville of clients of street prostitutes in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco and Santa Clara, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada from to Monto, ; The response rate for the study was over 80 percent Monto, a, b. Sociodemographic characteristics are summarized in Table I.

The vast majority of respondents Given the lack of variability in sexual orientation, this variable was excluded from further analysis. In addition to the dependent variables of interest, frequency of sex during the last 12 months and frequency of sex with a prostitute during the last 12 months, four types of measures are described in the following section: personal background characteristics; general sexual behavior; sexually aggressive behavior; and relationship characteristics.

Two dependent variables were measured, frequency of sex during the last 12 months and frequency of sex with a prostitute during the last 12 months. Respondents were asked if their parents were divorced, if they had ever been touched sexually asand if they had served in the military. Respondents were also asked to report the of sex partners they had in the past 12 months on a 9-point scale: 0 0 to 4 4 ; partners 5 ; partners 6 ; 7 ; more than partners 8.


Frequency of pornography use was computed by taking the mean of two questions assessing the frequency with which respondents reported looking at pornographic magazines and watching pornographic videos. The computed variable reflecting the frequency of pornography use had a possible range of 0 to 5. Four variables were used as measures of sexually aggressive behavior: threaten[ing] to use physical force to Asian sex partners Louisville sex; used physical force to get sex; rough sex; and control during sex.

Seven variables assessed relationship characteristics: shy with women; similarity of sexual interests; similarity of sexual desires; trouble with partner; separated from partner; and break up with partner.

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Due to the presence of missing data, we took steps to minimize the bias to parameter estimates that can result from the more common methods of handling missing data e. The Mplus program provides for the handling of missing data through the use of a raw maximum-likelihood procedure to impute values for missing data. Means, standard deviation of the mean, and range, where appropriate, are reported in Table II.

The bivariate correlation between the dependent variables, frequency of sex during the last 12 months and Asian sex partners Louisville of sex with a prostitute during the last 12 months, was. Thirty-five percent of the respondents reported that their parents were divorced.

Fourteen percent reported being touched sexually as and slightly more than a quarter of the respondents reported serving in the military. On average the sample reported having 3 sex partners over the last 12 months. On average the respondents reported thinking about sex everyday and using pornography less than once per month. Examination of the indicated that there was a relatively low frequency of affirmative responses to questions assessing whether a respondent had used threats of or actual violence to get sex.

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Among the respondents providing an answer to these questions, only 12 and 10 respondents, respectively, indicated that they had used either threats of or actual violence to get sex 7 respondents replied they had used both. Given the seriousness of the particular behavior assessed by these two questions, it is possible that although the questionnaires were anonymous, respondents failed to answer these questions honestly for fear of detection.

Based on this and the accompanying lack of variability in both these variables, they were dropped from further analysis. Reflecting the exploratory nature of the study, we conducted a series Asian sex partners Louisville regression analyses to examine the relationship among all the hypothesized predictors e. Categorical variables were dummy coded.

In the initial models, all 22 of the predictors were entered into the equation simultaneously. However, in order to have the most parsimonious models possible, variables that failed to yield a ificant relationship with the dependent variables, respectively, were excluded from the final models.

Table III provides the unstandardized regression coefficients, standard errors, Z statistic, and standardized regression coefficients i. In contrast, rough sex and similarity of sexual interests were both negatively and ificantly related to the frequency of sex in the past 12 months. The relationship between rough sex, similarity Asian sex partners Louisville sexual interests, and frequency of sex in the past 12 months indicates that the more similar respondents reported their sexual interests were with those of Asian sex partners Louisville partner or the more respondents agreed with the statement that they liked rough sex, the more frequently they had sex in the past 12 months.

of sexual partners was positively related to the frequency of sex with a prostitute. The relationship between being separated and frequency of sex with a prostitute in the past 12 months indicates that men who reported being separated from their partner engaged in more frequent sex with a prostitute over the past year than men who were not separated.

of these regressions, as well as the average frequency of sex are presented in Table IV. The pattern of relationships between the independent variables and frequency of sex in the past 12 months indicated that in addition to having a regular sex partner, of sex partners, rough sex, and similarity of sexual interest, were also ificantly related to frequency of sex for Asian respondents.

In particular, rough sex and similarity of sexual interests were negatively related to frequency of sex.

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The demographic and personal history profile of this sample of customers of prostitutes fairly closely reflects that reported in research. The present sample was primarily white, well educated, employed, and either currently or ly married.

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Early research suggested that large proportions of American men had engaged in sex with a prostitute on at least one occasion. This finding implied that there was considerable demographic variability among men who patronized prostitutes. However, the Asian sex partners Louisville this research appear to support the claims of more recent researchers Michael et al. Examination of the demographic characteristics from the present sample suggest that a more financially stable segment of American men are engaged in sex with prostitutes or at the very least being arrested for soliciting sex with prostitutes.

Also of interest are the suggesting that men patronizing prostitutes do not have excessively high rates of sexual activity as some have suggested Wortley, et al. Rather, the men in the present study report sexual activity rates in general very similar to which research has reported for heterosexual men especially married heterosexual men in general. Where the present research diverges from that of studies is in the educational levels of the sample.

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This, however, needs to be viewed in the context of geography: the current sample is drawn from communities with larger than average proportions of the population having higher education U. Bureau of the Census, The multivariate analysis focused on identifying the variables that were ificant predictors of frequency of sexual activities, both in general and specific to frequency of sexual activities with prostitutes.

Whereas researchers have addressed the issue of frequency of sex in relationships, this has not been addressed either specifically for men seeking commercial sexual services or for frequency with commercial sex providers.

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In the final models, only one of the candidate variables, of sex partners, was a ificant predictor of both frequency of sex generally and frequency of sex with a prostitute. Increasing s of partners was positively related to both dependent variables; in fact, examination of the standardized beta weights for both models suggests that the of sexual partners was the most important predictor in each model. This finding suggests that rather than having more frequent sex with a single partner, the men in this sample who are having more frequent sex are engaging in more sex with more partners regardless of whether the women is a prostitute Asian sex partners Louisville not.

The inverse relationship between similarity of sexual interests and frequency of sex may be interpreted such that respondents who reported their partners to be more interested in sex than they werehad sex more frequently than men who reported that they themselves were more interested in sex than their partners. The study from which the current data were taken primarily measured overt behaviors rather than more covert psychological characteristics and Asian sex partners Louisville. Moreover, when there was an attempt to measure psychological characteristics e.

For example, measuring both overt behaviors as well as more covert psychological and personality characteristics.

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Moreover, future research would be greatly strengthened by employing multiple measures of salient constructs and the use of standardized scales where possible. Several limitations of the present work should be acknowledged. As noted in Busch et al. Although not a universally accepted position, a large body of research supports the reliability and validity of self-report data e.

Care should be taken in interpreting and generalizing these as the sample may not be fully representative of the population of clients of street prostitutes.

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And, finally, it should be acknowledged that this study examines correlates of behaviors.