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‘Married At First Sight’ Australia star Jono Pitman And Ryan Fitzgerald Brothers Separated At Birth? – Hall Of Fame Magazine


‘Married At First Sight’ Australia star Jono Pitman And Ryan Fitzgerald Brothers Separated At Birth?

Jono Pitman who made his first appearance on “Married At First Sight” Australia was someone whom viewers loved to hate. But fans of the show did point out on social media that he had an uncanny resemblance with Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, the star of breakfast radio.

Daily Mail noted that when 28-year-old Jono Pitman “married” Clare Verrall, an Uber driver on “Married At First Sight” Australia, users on Twitter were stunned to see how similar his appearance was to Fitzgerald a former AFL player.

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There were many viewers who had been urging Pitman to appear on Fitzy’s show for some time now. So, it was a pleasant surprise for all when he participated in an interview on Friday on “Nova 69.9’s  Fitzy and Wippa”. Later, Pitman also posed with his celebrity look-alike for a friendly click.

Co-host Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli’s remark was the ultimate as soon as Pitman entered on this immensely popular morning show. He quipped, “…Brothers together at last!”

Pitman did acknowledge that both of them look similar but also added that after he met Fitzy, he feels that the latter is much bigger than he is. On the other hand, Wippa even went as far as to say that when Fitzy does not want to accompany his wife for shopping, Pitman could swap places with his co-host.

Here are what some of the fans had to comment after going through the entire episode.

Cori tweeted “Did I see Fitzy get married at first sight tonight?”

Dempster said, “Did Ryan Fitzy Fitzgerald just change his name to Jono and get married?”

Kate Tonkin asked “Deadset… Is Jono actually Fitzy’s brother??”

There were some fans who even called Pitman a “’homebrand Fitzy.” Even Fitzy remarked that his Twitter account was flooding with tweets when the episode was being broadcasted.

Jono Pitman had always been in the news in the recently concluded “Married at First Sight” Australia.

International Business Times noted that compatibility seemed to be a big concern between the duo and eventually the Uber driver decided to separate from her TV groom. The couple seemed to be at loggerheads even while they were honeymooning.

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