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‘Married at First Sight’ Australia: Simone’s Biggest Fear In Life Was Not Marrying A Stranger? – Hall Of Fame Magazine


‘Married at First Sight’ Australia: Simone’s Biggest Fear In Life Was Not Marrying A Stranger?

While for many women, marrying a complete stranger may be the most tensed moment in their lives, “Married At First Sight” Australia’s bride Simone Lee Brennan had a bigger concern. She was wondering that people may discuss her skin when they see her on this popular yet controversial reality TV show.

Simone Lee Brennan is 29 years old and a make-up artist by profession. The participant of the recently concluded reality TV show admitted that her scarred skin due to acne was a bigger ordeal than getting committed to a complete stranger.

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It came as a big surprise to Simone when she got a call informing her that she has been selected to participate in “Married At First Sight” Australia. She was excited and called up her mother immediately asking her what she should do about her face.

According to Women’s Weekly, Simone was all of 20 when she started suffering from adult acne. The reality TV star confessed that it is because she is still suffering from self-esteem related problems.

She became less confident and was even unable to look at people in their eyes by her own admission. She also felt that her problem was magnified especially on sunny days when the sun’s rays touched her face and the entire world had a glimpse of her skin. Simone also mentioned in her blog that it was tough for her to hold her head high.

It was her suffering due to acne that motivated her to use her fame and popularity to help people who are going through the same problem.

Simone also indicated that most people are usually tight-lipped about subjects related to adult acne and it can affect a person’s life significantly. Australia Network News mentioned that Simone might have had other important things in mind apart from continuing her relationship with this business development manager.

Incidentally, Simone decided to break off with Xavier, her TV groom on “Married At First Sight” Australia during the finale episode of the season. Though the couple shared a great chemistry initially, they did not succeed in keeping that spark alive.


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