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‘Married at First Sight’ Australia Groom Jono Pitman Revealed He Is Single At Present – Hall Of Fame Magazine


‘Married at First Sight’ Australia Groom Jono Pitman Revealed He Is Single At Present

Jono Pitman, one of the most controversial “grooms” of “Married At First Sight” Australia, recently claimed that he is single. Though Pitman appeared with his new girlfriend before the show got aired, he revealed that things did not work out later on. Does this indicate that Pitman is ready to mingle now?

Before Jono Pitman, 28, made his appearance on “Married At First Sight” Australia, there were reports that he was in love with a girl who did not participate on the show. However, now it appears that the show could have been responsible for the breakup of the couple.

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On Friday morning, this reality TV star revealed that he is single. He appeared on “Fitzy and Wippa” where it was asked if he was single or not as there had been some claims about him reuniting with his former girlfriend.

According to Daily Mail, Pitman said that he is “100 percent single” as of date. However, he also added that even a week ago he was seeing a woman. He tried to sort things out with her, but unfortunately for him, things did not work out the way he wanted.

When Pitman met Clare Verrall, 32, he did not seem to be much impressed with her. He even went on to say that he was the opposite of someone whom he expected to marry. His statements created quite an uproar then.

Even after their breakup, the duo continued to hog the limelight. Verrall could not resist taking a dig at Pitman on social media while hinting at his stubborn ways.

Meanwhile, it was only some days ago when Woman’s Day reported that Verrall’s recent wrist injury may be inconvenient for her as she is employed as a driver in Uber.

Though the duo had a stormy and eventful association, yet fans may have sincerely hoped that the couple will have a happy ending eventually. But they might have definitely felt disappointed when a photo of Pitman and a woman, named Rachael, was shared online before “Married At First Sight” went on air.

Rachel, who posted the image, tagged it to Pitman’s Instagram account. It is the same account where Pitman made several flattering comments about Rachel’s other pictures. Apparently, they were in touch even before the filming of “Married At First Sight” Australia.

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