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– Jim Bishop
– Shepherd Bliss
– David Cox
– Haresh Daswani
– Chris Graham
– Crystal Graham
– Sanford D. Horn
– Stan Horst
– Jenny Hypes
– Chris Marston
– David Reynolds
– Nan Russell
– Bruce Sallan
– Chris DeWald


Contributor Guidelines

– Submit articles and columns to

– There is no word limit – either a minimum or maximum – on submissions. It is suggested that pieces that are longer than 2,500 words in length be reviewed by the author to ensure that it is necessary to tell a story or make a point to go beyond that word count. But that will be left to the discretion of the author.

– There is no limitation on frequency of submissions. Neither is there a requirement that submissions be made on any kind of recurring basis (i.e. once a week, once every two weeks, once a month).

– The editor will be responsible for any copyediting and proofreading. If you as author come across any errors that might have missed the editor’s usually keen eye, please let him know by e-mail that a correction needs to be made.

– All articles and columns are to appear under the byline of the author. At the author’s request, an e-mail address for the author can be published with the story to allow readers to comment directly.


Forum Guidelines

– Comments of a personal nature or of a nature that focuses on making personal attacks on the author of an article or column or a person offering a commentary to an article or column will be deleted from the site – and the person making the offending comment will be prohibited from participating in forums for 30 days.

– Regular commenters who want to become regular contributors of articles and columns are encouraged to do so – contact us to express your interest to that end.

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