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Jeremy Lin considers Atkinson of Nets as mentor; Brooklyn Nets to revive Linsanity fever – Hall Of Fame Magazine


Jeremy Lin considers Atkinson of Nets as mentor; Brooklyn Nets to revive Linsanity fever

Jeremy Lin has been the focus of NBA rumor mill since the past days. With the reported head coach position being offered to Kenny Atkinson by Brooklyn Nets, it is now speculated that the former New York Knicks sensation and international phenomenon might be influenced by Atkinson to play for the Nets.

Since Lin may opt out his contract with Charlotte Hornets and become a free agent this summer, it is widely rumored that the Nets will once again try to lure Linsanity back to the “Big Apple.” And with Atkinson as the possible head coach for the Nets, the result might be different this time around.

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It can be remembered that last summer, the Nets had tried to bring the talent of Lin back to New York, but to no avail. Despite the relatively huge amount being offered by the franchise, Lin decided to play outside Barclays Center.

However, with a possibility of Lin opting to be a free agent this summer, Brooklyn Nets may have discovered a new strategy to lure Linsanity to their franchise. The presence of Kenny Atkinson in the Nets might refresh the memory of Lin regarding his respect for his former developmental coach, thus influencing his decision and possible career move.

In retrospect, it was Atkinson who helped the former Harvard point guard to come out from his shell. Thus, it cannot be denied that Atkinson may be a significant influence come the free agency period of Lin. In a statement via Nets Daily, Jeremy Lin shared his admiration and respect for one of the best developmental coaches in the NBA, stating that:

“I mean this guy wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning. I’ll text after a game at midnight, one o’clock when I get home and I’ll say, ‘Hey can I look at those turnovers? Can I look at the upcoming team? How they run pick-and-rolls?” And he’ll have the film ready when I walk into the facility the next morning.

“I can’t say enough about that guy.”

With the rumors about Lin getting tired of being a substitute guard in the Hornets, the possibility of him moving to other teams remain feasible. And with the significant role of Atkinson in the Nets, Lin might be tempted to go with Atkinson and revive the Linsanity fever once more.

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