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Conor McGregor Retirement Tweet: A Joke or Simple Vengeance? – Hall Of Fame Magazine


Conor McGregor Retirement Tweet: A Joke or Simple Vengeance?

Conor McGregor surprised the fighting world and perhaps UFC president Dana White after “The Notorious” announced his retirement via social media, which then led to various interpretations- a joke, troll job, or vengeance.

This move of McGregor is very shocking for most fans not just because he is still in his prime, but primarily because of the upcoming rematch bout with Nate Diaz, who defeated him by submission last March this year. Without any further explanations, the UFC star simply posted via Twitter his decision to retire from the octagon.

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I have decided to retire young.
Thanks for the cheese.
Catch ya's later.

— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) April 19, 2016

McGregor vs. Diaz rematch is supposed to be the top bout at UFC 200, and if the social media post was correct, then White would have to look for another opponent for Diaz.

Despite the authenticity of the Twitter message left by UFC star, fans and experts alike are still speculating on the real reason behind. Based on Forbes report, some people consider the post a mere joke, while others see it as a form of Twitter hack. However, MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, thwarted the idea of a joke or a troll job. In his Twitter account, Helwani shared:

Multiple sources are adamant at this time that McGregor's tweet isn't a joke, troll job or hoax of any kind. Reason(s) behind it is unclear.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) April 19, 2016

However, another angle is being looked into by speculators and insiders. According to reports, McGregor was pulled out from UFC 200 because of some issues relating to fight promotions. Based on White’s statement, McGregor was too focused on his training and not wanting any interruptions.

“We pulled Conor McGregor from UFC 200 and we’re working on other fights right now,” White said via ABC News. “Conor did not want to come to Las Vegas and film the commercial and be a part of the marketing. He’s in Iceland training.”

And from such standpoint, one can easily say that this act of retirement is part of a ploy in order for McGregor and the UFC management to fix things and come to terms when it comes to the upcoming UFC 200 and the succeeding fights. Apart from that, it cannot be helped to also see this move as a form of revenge on the part of the Irishman who became one of UFC’s most popular male fighter.

Be it as it may, the declaration of retirement made by McGregor via Twitter really had a significant impact on the upcoming UFC 200. The supposed billed top bout, McGregor vs. Diaz, is now void of some excitement unless UFC can produce a more exciting opponent for Diaz.

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