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Hillary Clinton: A Woman Under Fire


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Hillary Clinton: A Woman Under Fire‘Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination,’ is what New York Times‘ vision for America as she tops the vote among the middle-class. (Photo Source: NY Times.)


(Whether you) like it or not, women are always a subject to criticism if they show too much feelings in public. ― Hillary Clinton, Living History.

Perhaps this is one of those many reasons why Hillary Clinton will always be our favorite subject to disprove and disapprove. Even with today’s modern society, it’s still pretty hard when you’re a woman of power and persuasion. But just this month, she defies by becoming one of this year’s front-runners in the presidential elections; finally toppling Donald Trump’s wig off the grid as a new poll shows voters nationwide vouching for her to win the race amidst criticism. And like her numbers, she continues to be the live wire woman:

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Hillary Clinton was a Republican.
 She supported Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in 1962 where she campaigned for him all throughout the election season until Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his speech to the masses in 1963, which inspired her to serve the public before becoming a fully-fledged democrat in 1968. She worked closely with Democratic nominees George McGovern (1972) and Jimmy Carter (1976) after. And the rest is history.

The Rookie

Hillary Clinton and the Watergate scandal.
 “We were the drones; the junior-level lawyers,” a San Francisco attorney, Fred Altusher, said in a newspaper article by Lance Gay as he described his job in the Watergate Impeachment Inquiry committee.  Along with Altusher, Hillary Rodham (at that time) was one of the 43 attorneys hired by the House of Judiciary in 1973 to work on an impeachment inquiry during the Watergate scandal following the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974. Her long-lasting contribution was assisting in the drafting of a historical study of the legal underpinnings of the impeachment process, which was a 60-page document known as the “ground memo” that the House of Judiciary still use today.

A Surprising Grammy

Hillary Clinton won.
 “Fundamentally, Republicans reject what it takes to build an inclusive economy; (but rather) it takes an inclusive society. What I once called ‘a village’ that has a place for everyone,” she said during her campaign launch speech in New York City last year. She received the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word or Non-Musical Album for her audio narration on her book It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us in 1997 which she wrote to present her vision for the children of the world. Tours and book signings were made in 10 major cities across the U.S. along with numerous T.V. appearances during the promotion.

Yet Still Under Fire

Hillary Clinton, her email, and the FBI.
Under federal law, it is a crime when classified information is mishandled outside secure government channel and servers. Just this year, there were emails sent through her private server that may have been associated to the “special employment status” of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s assistant, to receive more additional salary. According to reports, Hillary Clinton denied having none of her emails marked as classified at that time.

New York Times‘ Editorial Board hailed Hillary Clinton as a qualified presidential candidate. The Rolling Stones editor Jann S. Wenner sees her with an impressive command of policy and a committed advocate for social justice and human rights advocate. If she isn’t a better president for you, then who is?

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