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‘Hunter x Hunter’ Chapter 351 Spoiler Predictions: Kurapika Deceived, Oito Just Playing With His Emotions? – Hall Of Fame Magazine


‘Hunter x Hunter’ Chapter 351 Spoiler Predictions: Kurapika Deceived, Oito Just Playing With His Emotions?

“Hunter x Hunter” chapter 351 spoiler predictions recently noted that Oito was using Kurapika’s emotions for her own benefits. Will she manage to fool Kurapika? Or can Kurapika see through the lies?

At last, after the long hiatus, Yoshihro Togashi’s manga has finally returned with chapter 350 (“The Princes”) and it created a lot of excitement for what is next in “Hunter x Hunter” chapter 351.

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A lot of fans were impressed on the way Togashi built the story after its long hiatus, making the hiatus feel like it was just yesterday. In the previous chapter, readers saw Oito (the mother of the 14th Prince, Woble) convincing Kurapika to be their bodyguard despite the disappointment of applying to the wrong boss.

Kurapika conceded out of mercy to the little baby and to the mother; however, ‘mrsticky005’ at Manga Helpers believed the mother was just playing around his emotions so they could convince him to do the “dirty work.”

It was also believed Oito’s plan was not really to escape, but rather to convince Kurapika in killing the other princes so that Prince Woble could become the last Prince surviving; thereby, making him as the youngest King of Kakin and Oito as the Queen for a long time.

‘MSofAofCOCA’ also thought the same thing; however, the “Hunter x Hunter” fan did not believe Oito would deceive Kurapika for a long time. Eventually, he will see through the lies, especially when he uses his ability to deduce and the Dowsing Chain – the chain that helped him identify a lie and a truth.

Though not dismissing the possibility of the mother deceiving Kurapika, ‘SHINOBI-03,’ however, said he is a lot smarter to fall into such trick, unless they have the ability that could render the Dowsing Chain useless.

But regardless how “Hunter x Hunter” chapter 351 would turn out, it could not be denied that fans are celebrating the manga’s return.

Readers are reminded to not take these predictions completely because they have chances of failing.

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