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The Suicide Squad Effect


The ‘Suicide Squad’ EffectWhen it’s too good to be true.

Suicide Squad is DC’s ode to super villains who are all recruited into the Task Force X to undertake covert operations for the government.

As much as the squad is doing a good job by fighting evil, they are still technically still the bad guys who could go out of control. But do keep in mind that these are the 5 effects that the movie itself could have on moviegoers.

Like us on FacebookSquad Effect #1: Bad Squad, Good Squad

Since Suicide Squad is about making bad guys look good by doing something good, it could lead to convincing people that being bad is not that bad after all. Audiences should realize that the whole point of putting the Squad on the field is also to eliminate them if they go out of hand. Technically speaking, when they’re doing something good is not really good at all, for they all have their selfish motives behind it.

Squad Effect #2: Putting the Z on “Cray”

Psychological effects. Excessive use of ammunition, violence, and language could put some psychological effects on moviegoers. The movie is not for the faint heart and, for those who are aware of the Squad’s functionality, these are the ones who should only see it.

Besides this, while shooting for the movie, there was a therapist on set for the actors so they wouldn’t delve too deep into their character.

Squad Effect #3: Parental Guidance

Adverse effects on young viewers. There is a reason why the movie will not be appropriate for young viewers and would definitely target the PG-13 movie rating. If just in case, an underage viewer gets to see the movie, the kid might feel slightly disturbed because of its adult content.

Squad Effect #4: Mimicry

Feel the need to imitate movie characters? Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but these, however, are not necessarily the kind of people anyone should want to ever imitate. This goes out especially to children who are sometimes highly impressionable.

Squad Effect #5: Childhood Trauma

Finally, Suicide Squad could portray an incorrect image of highly-dangerous and incarcerated villains. As discussed earlier, it is a movie and whatever is being shown in it has nothing but just fiction. So, if viewers see a villain like Deadshot walking shoulder with elite commandos, a scenario like this might never happen in real world. (Or, perhaps, something we wouldn’t like happening in our real lives.)

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