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The Herbivorous Butcher: A Vegetarian’s Search for Meat


The Herbivorous Butcher:  A Vegetarian’s Search for MeatSiblings Aubry and Kale Walch founded The Herbivorous Butcher shop. It’s your place to eat “meat-free” meat and enjoy vegetarian goodness. (Photo source: Official Website)

Last January 23, The Herbivorous Butcher, welcomed a number of excited customers in their newly-opened and all vegetables “meat” shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Siblings Aubry and Kale Walch founded the nation’s first butcher shop that doesn’t invite animal rights activists knocking on their doors to carry out laws about ‘animal cruelty’ reports on their business.

The Herbivorous Butcher was an idea made up out of impulse during a casual gathering by Aubry and Kale’s family.  They are a family who is both vegan and vegetarian.

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Vegans are what you call people who strictly follow a full-vegetables diet and calls for a total ban on dairy and egg products as well.  On the other hand, vegetarians can be divided into four types.  This includes the vegans, in which was described earlier, Ovo-vegetarians, wherein eggs are allowed but no dairy aside from the vegetable diets, Lacto-vegetarians, ones who include dairy in their vegetable diet and no eggs, and lastly, Lacto-Ovo vegetarians who eat both dairy and egg products along with their vegetable diet.

So on with the story when Aubry and Kale’s family are sharing home-made recipes, probably about vegetarian dishes, and exchanging stories about food most of the time, it was Aubry who laid out the idea of a vegan butcher shop.  The momentary pause it made in the middle of the conversation resulted in what could be considered a revolution in the vegetarian industry.

People today have become more conscious of their diet because according to an article that says ‘health-conscious eating‘ has become a trend in the young consumers based on a 2015 survey (about culinary habits) conducted by Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey. Not because they want to keep in shape but because of the disadvantages eating too much meat contribute in jeopardizing one’s nutritional balance.  How much is too much meat?

Based on the dietary guidelines, 65 to 100 grams of meat to be served three to four times a week is allowed to be consumed by an individual.  Eating more than the amount recommended for meat consumption usually leads to the development of illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases, and can even cause reproductive problems in children.

When people are too busy with work, studies, and other personal concerns, they do not get the chance to visit the market and buy fresh ingredients to cook in their kitchens.  Also, compared to the cooking stew that would take a person’s time for preparing the whole dish, sometimes we opt for cooking easier and “pre-seasoned” food such as processed goods.

The Herbivorous Butcher shop has presented a change in this unhealthy pace of consuming food and choosing the right ones to eat.  Aubry and Kale have developed products called as ‘meatless meat’.  Ingredients such as wheat, legumes, and various other vegetables are the stars of their dishes.  Kale Walch was the one to develop an ambition of using different plant-based resources to use in completing the meat alternatives.

Being successful in opening The Herbivorous Butcher with the help of their amazing supporters who became part of the idea of the shop being built, the Walches are happy to know that by offering a menu that strictly emphasizes the use of vegetables and vegetables only.

According to an article in The Guardian, the Walches began creating meats and cheeses made of vegetables after learning how animal meat consumption can “affect” our environment based on documentaries and books targeting this concern.

A modest reduction in the consumption of animal products would not only spare billions of animals from inhumane treatment every year, but would have a huge environmental impact at a time when the world urgently needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avert catastrophic climate change. — the company says to Huffington Post article.

If these “meat free” meats are to be widely available, there will surely be a noticeable decrease in animal products consumption and another concern about eating less of processed food.  That, in turn, will also jump start the possible beginning of less reports regarding inhumane practices in slaughterhouses that are more commonly identified happening in factory farms due to the high demand of markets such as restaurants and the nationwide need for animal products to be made available in groceries and other stores.

The Herbivorous Butcher continuously develops vegetarian food to add in their menu of sausages, steaks, pork ribs, and many more to come.  If you want to eat meat without feeling guilty of whether or not you’re eating saturated fat, there’s an array of delicious meatless meat spread out in the Walch siblings’ shop.  There’s a selection of dairy-free and gluten-free products too from cheeses to ice creams.

If you’re within the area, make sure to drop by!  I recommend you get the Vegan Starter kit.

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