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Workout Tips: 5 Exercise for lazy people


Workout Tips: 5 Exercise for lazy people

Some people want to have a healthy lifestyle, toned body and sexy figure but are just too lazy to go to the gym. These people are just allergic to the gym and don’t have enough motivation to enrol themselves to any fitness programs. No worries gym haters, here are workout tips you can do in the comfort of your home.

5. Going up and down the stairs

That’s right, staircases can be an effective tool for achieving the body that a person desires. Someone can also do this technique outdoors just prefer the stairs over the escalators and elevators.

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4. Side/back/front Lunges

By positioning one leg forward and bending the knee, one can already perform this easy homework out that can help tone the legs. Lifting any heavy objects at home can intensify results.

3. Squats

Squats are the workout for toning the abs and glute muscles. This can be performed on any parts of the house and can be performed with only body weight or by lifting any heavy objects like a pile of recipe books, etc. while doing squats.

2. Sit ups

This physical exercise is performed to strengthen abdominal muscles. Similar with crunches, this simple workout sure puts the core in shape.

1. Lying down exercises

Now these workout techniques sure are perfect for those lazy people who hates the gym. A person van have a healthy, toned body while lying down! That sure is an easy way to reach the body goals. Just with a matt and enough energy, one can already perform these exercises good for the abdominal muscles, glute and leg muscles. One example is the lying down side leg lift. Just by lying down sideways and lifting one leg repeatedly, it tightens leg, thigh, glute, hip muscles without even excreting too much sweat. Now that’s how you burn the calories the lazy way.


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