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History Channel 'Pawn Stars' Star Chumlee Update: Corey Harrison Finally Responds To Friend's Arrest – Hall Of Fame Magazine


History Channel ‘Pawn Stars’ Star Chumlee Update: Corey Harrison Finally Responds To Friend’s Arrest

The reality star of History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” television show Chumlee whose real name is Austin Lee Russell was served with a search warrant for drug and weapon charges. His co-star and friend, Corey Harrison has finally spoken about Chumlee’s felony charges.

Corey Harrison has finally opened up about his “Pawn Stars” co-star Chumlee’s felony charges. Harrison has defended Chumlee and asked people not to judge his long time friend so soon, especially with the drug and rape assaults, since he is still being investigated.

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Chumlee reportedly landed in jail after a police search happened in his home. The authorities found 12 guns including shotguns, handguns, MP5 and some .223 caliber riffles.

Rumors claimed that Chumlee also raped his co-worker, while working at the back-end of the “Pawn Stars” office.

“Do not believe everything you hear,” Harrison posted on Instagram. “There are always three sides to a story, Yours, Theirs and the truth…”

Hollywood Life reported that Harrison and Chumlee have been friends for years and according to reports, Harrison is aware of his drugs and weapons obsession. However, it is not clear if he knew that he has a dark side, when it comes to ladies.

Meanwhile, it has been previously revealed that Rick Harrison has also defended Chumlee and said they are willing to help him. The Harrisons are reportedly doing whatever they can to assist Chumlee with all that he needs.

On the other hand, Chumlee has reportedly hired 2 lawyers to help him face the 20 counts of felony charges. The star is said to be positive and has faith that the judicial system will give him the right resolution.

As of now, the History Channel has not yet revealed if the “Pawn Stars” tv show will continue to air or if they will cancel the show after Chumlee’s arrest.


Photo Source: Twitter/Chumlee



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