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Justin Theroux-Jennifer Aniston: Aniston Hailed 'Most Beautiful Woman,' Discusses 'Mother's Day' – Hall Of Fame Magazine


Justin Theroux-Jennifer Aniston: Aniston Hailed ‘Most Beautiful Woman,’ Discusses ‘Mother’s Day’

Jennifer Aniston will star in the upcoming family movie called “Mother’s Day.” The actress has also been hailed as the “Most Beautiful Woman” of 2016.

Jennifer Aniston is hailed as the “Most Beautiful Woman” of 2016 by People Magazine once more. Justin Theroux’s wife Aniston was also hailed the same title by the magazine back in 2004. She is the face of the said magazine for May 2016. The actress revealed a few reasons why she feels good about herself, especially because she is healthy and strong.

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Aniston told People that she has learned to accept her physical appearance and says she feels her best when she is healthy and strong.

“It is funny, it is a really quick transition from not a care and now all of a sudden, we have got to really be mindful of what we put inside our bodies,” the actress said. “How we sleep and take care of ourselves. You can get away with a lot in your 20s.”

People reported that Aniston got motivated to take care of herself when she did not get a role because she was too chubby.

“Milk shakes and French fries with gravy,” she laughed. “It was a good thing to start paying attention.”

Aniston is siaid to be doing exercise routines at least six days a week for an hour. She said she is watching her diet and gives herself moderation.

Meanwhile, Aniston talked about the challenges of being a mother and said that being a mother is the hardest job in the world. She said that working on the “Mother’s Day” film will help her give humor to the fact that being a mom is a tough job.

“Listen, today, kids barely look up from those devices of theirs, even at the dinner table,” Aniston told Chicago Sun Times in an interview. “Maybe if there’s ice cream they will look up, but then it is only for a few seconds. No, being a mother today is one heck of a challenge.”

Jennifer Aniston’s “Mother’s Day” film will premier today April 29 in United States.


Photo Source: Brett Cove via Wikimedia Commons/Jennifer Aniston



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