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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Divorce: Jon Voight Afraid Of Daughter's Health Crisis? – Hall Of Fame Magazine


Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Divorce: Jon Voight Afraid Of Daughter’s Health Crisis?

Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight calls her husband Brad Pitt for the actress’ alarming weight loss and the stress she is facing now. Voight decided to get involved with Jolie’s health scare and hoping that he will be able to stop it. Jolie and Pitt’s marriage troubles are stressing the actress out.

According to Radar Online, Jon Voight called Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to talk about the actress’ extreme weight loss. Voight is concerned with her daughter’s health after seeing several pictures of her daughter, but Jolie does not pick up his calls. Jolie’s father reportedly begged Pitt to help him speak to her and get her to talk to Voight. The site reported that Pitt told Voight he will be the last person Jolie would want to speak with in regards with her health.

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The “Maleficent” actress’ weight has reportedly went down to 79 lbs., which is why Voight thinks he needs to help her daughter out. For those who are unaware, Jolie and Voight have went through a rocky father-daughter relationship, because he left her mother when she was still young. Their relationship reportedly got worse when Voight said Jolie has serious mental problems in an interview he had back in 2002.

Jolie has an estranged relationship with her father, as she has not forgiven him totally. However, she reportedly allows Voight to spend time with her kids once in a while.

Morning Ledger also revealed that Jolie and Pitt’s marriage is also taking a toll on her, as they face marriage troubles including jealousy with Pitt’s co-star. The couple is said to be going through marital troubles, as they butt heads on who will be looking after their kids. The site also revealed via Hollywood Life that Jolie has dark demons inside of her that she needs to let go, as those demons are affecting her marriage and life with her family.

Brad Pitt is said to be worried about Angelina Jolie’s health and he is said to be helping Jon Voight speak with his wife.


Photo Source: Richard Hebstreit via Wikimedia Commons/Angelina Jolie



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