Sunday, 26/3/2017 | 10:47 UTC+0
  • hillary-clinton-a-woman-under-fire.jpg
    Hillary Clinton: A Woman Under Fire

    ‘Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination,’ is what New York Times‘ vision for America as she tops the vote among the middle-class. (Photo Source: NY Times.)   (Whether you) like it or not, women are always a subject to criticism if they show too much feelings in public. ― Hillary Clinton, Living History. Perhaps this is one

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  • donald-trump-may-just-be-like-ultron-in-the-flesh.jpg
    Donald Trump May Just Be Like Ultron in the Flesh

    If the United States presidential elections will have its own Avengers movie, Donald Trump may be the villain Ultron in the flesh. (Photo source: From The Web)It seems that Donald Trump’s ways embody Ultron itself. You’re all familiar with last year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Most of us have watched this film, even criticized the flow

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