Trump Calls His Criticism Of British Prime Minister 'Fake News'

Another Europe 
The van has landed! Westminster join the #carnivalofresistance

Another Europe The van has landed! Westminster join the #carnivalofresistance

As Trump met with Prime Minister Theresa May at her country retreat outside the city, the protesters gathered outside embassies, offices and homes carrying signs that read, "Human rights have no border", and "Mother Earth unites us", before marching past the shops of Regent's Street on their way to Piccadilly Circus and finally Trafalgar Square, which the city calls a "centre of national democracy and protest". But at the Chequers news conference, Trump said he had been responding to the Sun's question about Johnson as a possible prime minister, adding: "He has been very nice to me. He's been saying very good things about me as president". Trump said May's Brexit strategy would "kill" any chance of a trade deal between the two countries.

But on Friday, Trump said that after speaking with May and her advisers he had been convinced a trade deal "absolutely will be possible".

In the interview with Britain's The Sun, Trump said a new trade deal with the United States was unlikely because of May's Brexit negotiation tactics.

"She is a total professional because when I saw her I said, 'I want to apologize, because I said such good things about you, ' " Trump said.

The headline in question: "TRUMP'S BREXIT BLAST Donald Trump told Theresa May how to do Brexit "but she wrecked it" - and says the United States trade deal is off".

Even though the recording of a 2005 conversation in which Trump said he would "grab" women's genitals was publicly released in October 2016, May didn't publicly comment on it until the following January, shortly before she made her first official visit to the White House. He said she had disregarded his advice to be more "brutal". 'I think we should be standing up against him, I think Theresa May should be standing up against him.

Anti-Trump FBI lawyer snubs congressional subpoena
She said they would lawmakers to schedule another date for the closed-door interview. Earlier he said Page appears to have "something to hide" by not appearing.

Trump previously sat down with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg in February to make a $4 billion deal to replace the current 747s used for Air Force One, Fox News reported.

"The President likes and respects Prime Minister May very much".

"We support the decision of the British people to realize full self-government and we will see how that goes".

"It will certainly be something that we bring up and talk about", Mr Trump said. May, who was already reeling from a backlash within her Conservative Party caucus over a new Brexit plan she announced last week that included a customs arrangement with the EU.

"The UK can't afford to alienate either the United States or the European Union, its two largest foreign trade partners, and will not be able to choose an "either-or" solution", commented Fiona Cincotta, senior market analyst at City Index in London.

There was a bit of a bump in their tour, however, over an interview he gave to British tabloid The Sun that was released hours after Trump landed.

USA proposes tariffs on 200bn dollars more in Chinese imports
However, a move by China against U.S. multi-nationals "could pose a far greater threat to the index in time", Jones said. They warned tariffs on imports raise consumer prices and expose US farmers and manufacturers to retaliation.

Before heading for Scotland, the president and Queen Elizabeth II became acquainted over tea at Windsor Castle.

Among them was Emily Bryce, who proudly carried a homemade banner written in Gaelic, in recognition of Trump's Highland roots. The queen navigated her way around him.

He also refused to take a question from CNN, saying: "CNN is fake news, I don't take questions from fake news".

Trump said he plans to raise a range of topics in his summit Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, including nuclear proliferation, which Trump said he considers the largest problem facing the world. "There won't be a Perry Mason here, I don't think, but you never know what happens, right?"

He blamed Russia's takeover of Crimea on his predecessor, calling it "an Obama disaster", and added that he didn't think Putin "would do it with me".

That was why the government's white paper was "veiled by strategic ambiguity on trade in goods", said Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, director of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels.

Kevin Anderson ousts eight-time champion Roger Federer from Wimbledon
Djokovic overcame a series of rows with the chair umpire to record a 6-3 3-6 6-2 6-2 victory over Japan's former US Open finalist. Isner rallied behind a dominant first serve, converting 73 percent of them and winning those serves at an 80 percent clip.

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