Apple is going to release new laptops, computers and watches this fall

Apple rumoured to be releasing a linewide hardware refresh this year

Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro With Improved Keyboard, True Tone Display, More

Here's the pick of the offers. Both laptops will go on sale through Apple authorized resellers later this month.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro features, among others, a quad-core processor and up to 2TB of SSD storage.

Apple Watch - Apple is working on two new Apple Watch models for 2018 that will have bigger displays and enhanced heart rate detection features. True Tone is a nice feature that matches the color temperature of your display to the color temperature of your surroundings, thanks to an embedded light sensor.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent says his 'blunt' criticism of Trump never impacted his work
But the report said it found no evidence of political bias in the FBI's decision to not pursue criminal charges against Clinton. To recap, Strzok was removed from the Mueller investigation and harshly criticized by an inspector general.

One report said the keyboard issue led to far more "warrantee events" in the 2016 models than in MacBook Pros from previous years.

So we can expect Apple to pull something out of the bag at its annual Autumn tech showcase, potentially a redesigned Mac Mini with more powerful innards and USB-C connections, and a properly re-worked 12in MacBook that fills the gap the lack of new MacBook Airs leave.

According to Apple, the Blackmagic eGPU will deliver 2.8 times faster graphics performance on the 15-inch MacBook Pro and 8 times faster on the 13-inch model. Or, you could kick it up another notch entirely if you elect to splurge on the beastly six-core i9 with an unheard of (in a Mac) 4.8GHz clock speed (using turbo boost).

Royal Family steps out for Prince Louis' christening
The original gown has been worn for all Royal christenings since, including The Queen, her children and her grandchildren. The senator appeared to have realised that she gave away Meghan's stance on abortion, and so she deleted the tweet.

The Leather Sleeve was an exclusive accessory to the 12-inch MacBook but now Apple is expanding it to the MacBook Pro lineup.

Apple claims it's introducing a third generation of its recently-maligned butterfly keyboards with these notebooks to make for quieter typing, too. A quick MacBook Pro update last spring suggested the company was recommitting to relatively quick product updates; the grumbling began again when the year anniversary of that update passed with no sign of a 2018 revision.

It also means you get the portability of a 13-inch laptop with the option of adding the performance of a larger laptop, or even a full-size desktop. The sentiments shared in his post about the 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro model - titled "The best laptop ever made" - were echoed across the web. On top of those weighty responsibilities, the T2 lets the new MacBook Pros handle "Hey Siri" invocations for the first time. The new MacBook Pro models, which Apple announced today via a simple press-release, are such a case.

US President to meet Theresa May to discuss post-Brexit ties
Only one person, the digital entrepreneur and philanthropist Baroness Martha Lane-Fox, has publicly refused the invitation. Donald Trump has been under fire for his own immigration policy, which resulted in the separation of immigrant families.

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