Brett Kavanaugh Tapped to Fill SCOTUS Seat, Setting Up Bitter Senate Clash

President Donald Trump announces Judge Neil Gorsuch standing with his wife Louise as his nominee for the Supreme Court on Jan. 31 2017 in the East Room of the White House. On Monday Trump will unveil his choice to fill the seat being vacated by Justi

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"Like Trump's first nominee a year ago, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Kavanaugh would be a young addition who could help remake the court for decades with rulings that could restrict abortion, expand gun rights and roll back key parts of" Obamacare".

The Democrats could pick up Republican seats in Arizona and Nevada, but the GOP like would keep the Tennessee seat, the report said.

The evening reportedly saw protesters "screaming back and forth at each other" amid a "heavy law enforcement presence", with anti-Trump activists chanting "Kavanaugh has got to go!" and brandishing "Protect Roe" and "Don't Criminalize Abortion" signs.

"Not only did Mr. Kavanaugh say that a president should not be subpoenaed, he said a president shouldn't be investigated", Schumer said. In another era, Senate Democrats would have filibustered this nomination to death as payback for the Clinton impeachment as well as Kavanaugh's contributions to Bush v. Gore after the 2000 election.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the appellate judge as "an impressive" nominee who is "extremely well qualified" to sit on the nation's highest court.

The Democrats are now pressuring Republicans who support access to abortion services to oppose the nomination. As a jurist, Kavanaugh has always been seen as a conservative's conservative, but he's worked as long in the political sphere as in the judiciary.

Outside the Supreme Court building, scores of demonstrators led by Democratic party Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, protested Kavanaugh's selection.

Demand Justice, the liberal advertising counterpart, has committed to $5 million in digital and television ads, focused on two potential Republican swing votes, Sens.

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She took to Twitter to share the news, stating that "very few times I've felt threatened while out in the field". Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, to oppose any nominee who threatens the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Republicans had traded tax cuts and two conservative Supreme Court justices for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance that had allowed the dominate the last half-century of world history. But the second one is worth discussing briefly now, because the Kavanaugh appointment brings us to a testing moment for the conservative legal movement's political promise, delivered to social conservatives for years and decades now, that judges formed by its philosophy and principles would necessarily vote to overturn the post-1973 abortion regime and return the abortion debate to the democratic process. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

"If you look at the list of judges that the president put out that was essentially drafted by the Heritage Foundation, all of them very conservative, all of them, I would say, very like-minded on how they are likely to rule".

Trump unveiled his pick showbiz style, in a suspense-filled prime-time televised announcement Monday evening. "In my federal criminal law class, I love teaching his opinions because they are smart, thoughtful, and clear". "It should not be a rubber stamp on the extreme partisan positions of the president".

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