Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode

Enter your passcode tap switch to Off position

Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode

In order to let the accessory connect, you have to unlock the iPhone with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Interestingly, as per the researchers, authorities and private companies don't need any specific USB accessory to reset the counter.

They suggest using the $39 Apple Lightning USB3 Camera Adapter.

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In addition to the expected fixes and improvements, iOS 11.4.1 brings over a feature that's called USB Restricted Mode, whose goal is to prevent those iPhone hacking machines that law enforcement is using to bypass the screen lock from hacking iOS devices. The toggle is off by default, and that's how you'll want it in order to use the feature. The resetting of the built-in feature works even with an untrusted USB accessory, one that has never been paired with the device before.

Restricted Mode is activated if the iPhone or iPad is left locked for more than hour. Significant but not listed: USB Restricted Mode, a change originally included in the iOS 12 beta that makes it more hard for anyone, including authorities, to break into the iPhone through the Lightning port.

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The research team isn't sure if third-party adaptors have a similar effect, but this same method can't be achieved with Apple's Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor.

However, if you aren't actually happy with the release, and you want to go back to an earlier version of iOS, then be aware that Apple is now only signing iOS 11.4, which means that you will only be able to downgrade to iOS 11.4. "In other words, we have found no obvious way to break USB Restricted Mode once it is already engaged". There isn't anything in the way of new features, instead delivering on some bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Apple hasn't confirmed the once-every-ten-minute limits, but if true, that's a really big problem for companies like Grayshift ... and a really good thing for customers who just want their devices to be as secure as possible. The Grayshift boxes plug into the Lightning port and remove prolonged delays between PIN code attempts, allowing law enforcement (or criminals) to brute-force an unlock.

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