Syrian forces gain control of Jordanian border

Su-25 fighter jet pilots who took part in the Russian mission in Syria walk on the runway after landing at a military airport in Krasnodar Region Russia

Syrian forces reach Jordanian border crossing as rebels negotiate surrender

Hours earlier, opposition fighters battling a fierce government-led offensive in southern Syria's Deraa province had reached an agreement with negotiators from Russian Federation, a major ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In return, the leader of the faction would be given regional privileges.

It also called on "anyone able to carry a weapon" to head to the battlefields and begin what it called a "war of independence" or "people's liberation war". Neighboring countries also dealt with the influx of refugees with as much responsibility and humanity as they could.

By entering al-Nuaima town on the outskirts of the city of Daraa from the east direction, the army units have achieved a new step to restore security and stability to Daraa eastern countryside and end the terrorist presence there, SANA reporter said.

Any elections would be hard to monitor since the regime and its security agencies control most areas where the majority of the population is to be found.

The area has faced intense air strikes from Russian and government forces in recent weeks.

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On Thursday, Russian planes hit areas close to the Jordanian border.

Regime forces had been moving quickly toward Nassib before the takeover was announced.

As the birthplace of the Syrian war that erupted in 2011, Daraa is both symbolically and militarily significant for the Syrian army because the rebels have been using the Jordanian border to bring in arms and fighters throughout the Syrian war. Israel's main concern now is to keep archrival Iran as far away from its border as possible - along with its proxy, the Lebanese militia Hezbollah.

Russian air strikes on the south began hours after the USA announced it would not protect southern Syria, sending a message to factions fighting in the south to surrender.

Instead, Russian military police will be deployed along the border with Jordan, securing the towns and villages covered by the deal. Whether the agreement fulfills its intended plan of ending the war completely, or it fails and the bloodshed continues, establishing shelters within Syria is the only remaining solution.

Syrian state media reported one person killed in opposition fire on government-held districts of Daraa city.

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Hussein Abazeed, spokesman for the south's joint rebel command, accused Russian Federation of pursuing a "scorched earth policy" to force rebels back to the table.

The US position is influenced by Israel's preferences.

An Associated Press journalist escorted by the Syrian army on Saturday saw troops setting up checkpoints along the largely deserted road leading up to the crossing, full of potholes from shelling; they removed sand barriers and burnt out cars by its side.

He said a limited number of infiltration attempts from the Syrian side had been detected and prevented recently.

The towns of Busra al-Sham, Marba, Jimreen, Kharba, Jbaib and Ghusum have agreed to be reconciled with the Syrian government forces without fighting.

Rebels who did not wish to come back under President Bashar al-Assad's rule would leave for the insurgent stronghold in north-west Syria, they said.

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Assad's next target in the south-west appears to be rebel-held areas of Quneitra province at the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, where fighting between insurgents and the government escalated on Friday.

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