Drinking Coffee May Help You Live Longer, Study Says

The latest study to link coffee and longevity adds to a growing body of evidence that far from a vice the brew can be protective of good health

How Much Coffee Is Good for You? Scientists Believe Drink Could Cut Risk of Death Even in Large Amounts

"These results provide further evidence that coffee drinking can be part of a healthy diet and may provide reassurance to those who drink coffee and enjoy it".

It's not necessarily news that coffee can be healthy; the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, for example, reported that drinking coffee moderately could be part of a healthy diet. In a study of 9 million British male and female adults, coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk of death over 10 years (10 to 15%) than those who didn't drink it regularly. Howard Bauchner, editor in chief of the medical journal JAMA and The JAMA Network, noted last month that almost all studies about coffee are association studies. The people who were participated aged from 38 to 73.

The latest study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, reveals that people who drink more coffee have a lower risk of death even if they drink eight or more cups per day, and even if their genetics make them slow to process caffeine.

Additionally, "coffee drinkers were more likely than abstainers to drink alcohol and smoke, but the researchers took those factors into account, and coffee drinking seemed to cancel them out". The meta-analysis - as these studies are called, found that drinking three to four cups of coffee daily could have a beneficial effect of the body rather than cause harm.

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Most were coffee drinkers, nearly one-third or 154,000 people drank two to three cups daily and 10,000 drank at least eight cups daily. The study echoes previous research.

Nonetheless, the new study's findings are a positive for coffee lovers.

In addition, the caffeine in coffee may have bad health consequences for some people, she said.

"To better understand the potential biological mechanisms underlying the observed associations of coffee with various health outcomes, additional studies are needed". There is also the question of what kind of coffee drinks they're drinking.

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Other studies have suggested that substances in coffee may reduce inflammation and improve how the body uses insulin, which can reduce chances for developing diabetes. Overall, those who drank one cup a day had an 8 percent lower risk of premature death.

In the end, there were 14,225 deaths due to cancer (58 percent); cardiovascular disease (20 percent) and respiratory disease (4 percent).

Nonetheless, Loftfield's study joins a large group that have found health benefits associated with coffee.

"Teas also have health benefits, so if you do not drink coffee, tea is a great alternative", Heller said.

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That means, for example, if you're adding 500 calories of cream and sugar to a coffee beverage the size of a Big Gulp, you might want to keep an eye on that.

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