Arch-Brexiteer Gove says - No senior British ministers will resign over Brexit

Michel Barnier

GETTYMichel Barnier stated that'huge and serious divergences remain surrounding the Irish border issue

May said her plan still involves leaving the customs union and single market, "but supports shared prosperity and security" between Britain and the EU.

Juncker addressed the European Parliament at the start of a crucial week for British Prime Minister Theresa May who will gather her divided ministers on Friday to thrash out the trade ties Britain wants with the EU after Brexit.

Responding to Mr Rees-Mogg's comments, the Prime Minister's spokesman said: "Our focus is on delivering the will of the British people".

"The last thing we need is a leadership challenge", he said on Twitter.

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"I call on other rational members of the party to stand against this nonsense".

Downing Street was reportedly preparing to discuss a mysterious third customs model for post-Brexit trade with the Cabinet in a bid to overcome disagreement on the issue.

Chancellor Philip Hammond, viewed as one of the Cabinet ministers favouring a soft Brexit, told the Commons: "We have to listen to what business is telling us and make sure that we deliver a Brexit which delivers the needs of business". Health secretary Jeremy Hunt responded by calling Airbus's warning "completely inappropriate", while Boris Johnson, the Brexit-supporting foreign secretary, was cited in the United Kingdom media as saying "f*** business".

His intervention will be seen as a shot across the bows to senior ministers, such as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who have reportedly been considering resigning if Theresa May gives too much ground to those pressing to keep Britain as close to the European Union as possible after Brexit, potentially triggering a leadership contest.

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Cabinet tensions are high ahead of the Chequers gathering, with the potential for Brexiteer ministers such as Mr Johnson to quit unless they get their way.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has published the two-dozen top real-world questions being asked on Brexit by businesses across the United Kingdom - and says the government has managed to make limited progress on just 2 of the 23 issues where clarity is urgently needed so that firms can plan their trade following the UK's departure from the EU.

"The sooner we get a precise United Kingdom proposal on the Irish border, the better the chance to finalise the Brexit negotiations this year", he said.

He hoped the white paper would bring "the necessary clarity, realism and impetus to these negotiations".

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"There remain some real differences between us and the European Commission on Northern Ireland".

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