Mexican peso falls as AMLO's victory sparks uncertainty over Mexico's economy

Reports Show Lopez Obrador With Landlside Win in Mexico Election

Trump congratulates new leftist Mexico leader

Lopez Obrador will take office in December facing a USA government that has been openly antagonistic to Mexico over trade and migration under President Donald Trump.

"I think the relationship will be a very good one".

Pena Nieto said Sunday that the vote "should reaffirm us in our democratic vocation".

In June, Obrador called for a flood of immigrants to enter the protest the border crisis and claim their "human right".

An exit poll in Mexico is giving a big edge to leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in his third bid for the presidency. All the candidates are lambasting President Donald Trump's policies against migrants and Mexico, but voters were wondering who could best deal with Trump.

To some degree the election has become a referendum on Mexico's political elite and its economic direction, as well as the tenure of the current president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who is limited to a single six-year term. "We will not be subject to any foreign government".

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His plan to travel without armed guards has sparked worry in some quarters about his safety on the heels of Mexico's deadliest year since modern records began.

The United States, which works closely with Mexican law enforcement in its fight against drug cartels, was tired of a softening of Mexico's security policies.

In brief remarks at a hotel in central Mexico City late Sunday, Lopez Obrador called for reconciliation after a polarizing campaign and promised profound change but with respect for the law and constitutional order.

He aptly cashed in on the Mexican public's anger towards Trump, who throughout the Mexican election campaign season continued to criticise Mexico's immigration policies, insist that Mexico should pay for the border wall, and fuel anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the US.

Facing a country with a murder rate four times that of the United States, Obrador aims to convince young people to prioritize study and legitimate work instead of working for the drug cartels.

He proposes paying low-income college students a $120 monthly allowance and setting up apprenticeships for students that would pay $180 a month.

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"The people are fed up", Zuniga said.

Urzua, a 62-year-old University of Wisconsin-trained economist, spoke to Reuters along with two other advisers to Lopez Obrador, fellow economist Gerardo Esquivel and World Bank governance official Arturo Herrera. He pledged to pursue responsible economic policies, respect private property and guarantee individual liberties.

An official quick-count revealed that Lopez Obrador took the lead with 53-53.8% of votes, according to the electoral authority. His election marks the first leftist presidential win in 30 years for Mexico.

Lopez Obrador arrived at a hotel in downtown Mexico City for the first of two victory speeches Sunday night in a bland white sedan befitting the "man of the people" image he has projected for over a decade. He invested in infrastructure, built schools, and cut tax breaks to developers to gentrify the downtown.

"We are going to change this rotten, corrupt regime of injustices and privileges, and we are going to promote development".

Entrusting the country to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the bishops said they will continue to pray for "a reconciled, just and fraternal Mexico which vindicates the dignity of the poorest and most excluded, the life of the unborn, the good of our families and authentic religious freedom".

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