Tesla hits Model 3 weekly production goal for first time

3 sedan its first car aimed at the mass market is displayed during its launch in Hawthorne California

Tesla 'real car company' after hitting Model 3 goal, Musk says

The remaining net Model 3 reservations at the end of the second quarter stood at roughly 420,000, the company said.

Pricing starts at $35,000 for the auto, and about 450,000 have been pre-ordered by consumers. The deposit amount varied depending on your country; for example, it was $1000 in the United States, but £1000 in the UK.

The company must still demonstrate that 5,000 units can be produced each consecutive week, paving the way for further increases as the Model 3 approaches full global availability. He believes that worries about ongoing demand for the Model 3 led to the shares' reversal into the red yesterday, after initially jumping on the news. 'The first and second row have plenty of legroom and the rear roof is one continuous pane of glass, which gives you lots of headroom and a feeling of openness'. That total included 28,578 Model 3s, marking the first time production of the sedan exceeded combined Model S and Model X production.

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Of course, pumping out Model 3 wasn't the only concern some had.

Musk has said he plans to double Model 3 production to 10,000 as it adds a third production line at its Fremont, Calif., manufacturing plant. It's an ambitious goal, to be sure, and whether or not Tesla can reach it will likely go a long ways to proving whether or not Tesla has finally figured out how to ramp up production in a significant manner or if the 5,000/week production rate was nothing more than a fluke.

Tesla is down 5.3% to $317.39 this morning. Tesla looks to be trying to get out ahead of any speculation around quality of the latest batch, specifically those produced on the GA4 "tent" line. The Model S and Model X were both premium vehicles with starting prices around $80,000 and $60,000, respectively. Unlike its bigger brother, however, the Model 3 doesn't feature an instrument cluster in front of the driver.

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"We're very anxious about quality and if you read the reports online there's significant quality issues".

He also questioned whether the company could keep up the faster production and its profit outlook. In order to accomplish this, Tesla has adopted a series of strategies, including trimming 9% of its workforce and opening orders for the higher-priced variants of the Model 3.

Last month, Elon Musk said the carmaker should achieve its target by the end of June.

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However the company still fell short of what Wall Street had expected for total deliveries. According to Musk, the two motors in each all-wheel drive Tesla aren't identical; one will be optimised for power, and the other for range. It had to hire more people to work at the factory. Musk assumed his role over Model 3 production earlier this year, when the company said Field was taking a leave of absence "to recharge". Top speed will be 140mph and range will be 310 miles.

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