Notorious thief flees French jail by helicopter: Prison authority

15 2013 in Paris shows a reproduction of the Interpol website shows the international wanted person notice for French robber Redoine Faid

French robber Redoine Faïd 'breaks free from jail' in dramatic helicopter escape

France's Justice Ministry Nicole Belloubet said the escape took only "a few minutes".

According to the MailOnline, it's the second time Faid has pulled off a spectacular jailbreak - in 2013 Faid used explosives to blast his way through five prison doors and escape from another prison, briefly taking four wardens hostage.

Two of the men reportedly burst into the visiting room while the third waited in the prison courtyard and watched over the helicopter pilot, a flying instructor whose chopper the men hijacked in a nearby airfield. When the chopper arrived, Faid was meeting with his brother in the visiting room.

The helicopter was later found in a northeastern suburb of Paris about 60 km from the prison, one source said, adding that a police search has been launched across the entire Paris region.

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Redoine Faid escaped from this French Jail with a helicopter flown by armed accomplices, July 1, 2018.

Faid was serving 25 years in prison for a bank robbery that resulted in the death of a police officer.

The helicopter was later found burned out in the town of Garges-les-Gonesse, in the northern suburbs of Paris. The 46-year-old is believed to have fled in a auto with the armed accomplices.

Faid pulled off his latest escape at around 11:20 a.m. local time on Sunday, according to the BBC. He wrote a book in 2010 saying he had given up a life of crime.

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Less than a decade later, on a warm Sunday morning, a small white helicopter would fly over the prison's plentiful foliage and land in the aforementioned courtyard.

According to AFP, Faid has "said his life of crime was inspired by American films such as "Scarface" and "Heat".

Faid, a notorious career thief, once managed to talk his way out of a 10-year sentence by convincing parole officials he was a changed man who regretted his past actions.

He was captured six weeks later in a hotel outside of the French capital. His prison break marked the 12th time since 1986 that an inmate in France has used a helicopter to flee prison walls.

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