An EU summit of challenges before 2019's European elections

A reversal of her 2015 open-door migrant policy would be a huge blow to Merkel's authority

A reversal of her 2015 open-door migrant policy would be a huge blow to Merkel's authority

The two leaders of Europe's biggest economies will seek to thrash out a compromise between Macron's bold vision for sweeping European Union change and Germany's stance that is more cautious, especially when it comes to finance.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's fourth-term government took almost six months to put together, taking office in March after the centre-left Social Democrats reluctantly agreed to team up with her conservatives again.

Driven in part by the civil war in Syria, the number of asylum seekers entering Germany began to rise sharply in 2013, when it reached nearly 110,000, and then soared after Merkel changed the policy in the summer of 2015.

The CSU, anxious about losing votes to a new right-wing party in an October regional election, wants a ban on admitting asylum seekers into Germany who have already registered in another European Union country. She could fire Seehofer, but this would probably end the decadeslong alliance between the CDU and the CSU.

"We don't want what is happening with immigration in Europe to happen with us!" he said in a pair of tweets.

German chancellor faces challenge that could bring down her government from Bavarian Interior Minister Horst Seehofer over refugees.

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But politicians and religious groups are also among those to have criticised the Trump administration's " inhumane " policy. The public is getting its first look at what the conditions are like inside an old warehouse in South Texas where the U.S.

Merkel and Macron are meeting today (Tuesday) at Merkel's Schloss Meseberg to deal with the Eurozone reform and immigration among others.

Merkel's Christian Social Union (CSU) allies agreed to give her two weeks to find a European solution to a dispute over how to limit entries of mainly Middle Eastern and African migrants.

Matteo Salvini, interior minister in the anti-establishment government that took office this month in Rome, has adopted a policy of blocking foreign humanitarian boats from Italian ports, which has triggered heated exchanges with France and the Netherlands.

Despite increased political pressure from Berlin and Rome, talks on reforming the bloc's internal asylum rules remain stuck with southern and wealthy central states demanding that all European Union members host some of the new arrivals.

"US President embarrasses himself with a tweet full of lies", read the headline of the Spiegel Online, a widely read German-language news website, which linked Trump's remarks to the controversy surrounding his own migration policy.

Mr. Seehofer originally threatened to implement his border plan on Monday, but said he would wait now until the June 28 summit to see if Ms. Merkel can get agreement on a European plan for handling immigrants.

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Therefore, the logical effect would be that he no longer plays against Sweden, as they will similarly do that. Both literally and figuratively.

Mrs Merkel opposes the proposal that comes from a party facing a tough vote in its home base in Bavaria in October against a resurgent far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has advocated harsh anti-immigration line.

At the weekend, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and his German counterpart Olaf Scholz met in Hamburg to try to resolve much of the nitty-gritty before Merkel and Macron meet.

Trump said German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition looked "tenuous".

The EU has given aid and money to countries from Turkey and Jordan to Libya and Niger. "Of course, it would be good if there is a European solution, but in three years that hasn't been reached".

"And how we can, if necessary, already carry out asylum-related proceedings there".

This was also down from 890,000 in 2015, at the peak of the migrant crisis.

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Spain invited the Aquarius to unload the migrants in Valencia after Italy and Malta had denied them entry last week. According to the Dublin Regulation, migrants can apply for asylum in the first European Union country they enter.

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