YouTube’s New Music Subscription Service Costs $9.99/Month

YouTube has drawn billions of users by becoming the destination for listening to music without paying for

123RF You Tube has drawn billions of users by becoming the destination for listening to music without paying for

The $9.99 subscription service offers access to original video content, Google Play Music, and YouTube Music while allowing music to be played in the background. YouTube Premium will be $11.99 per month versus the $9.99 per month that YouTube Red now costs.

Initially, the service will be launched in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea before eventually being rolled out in 14 other countries, including the UK.

YouTube is encouraging users to "pre-order" the service on its YouTube Music is coming soon page. The opposite is also true - Red subscribers will keep paying $10 per month for ad-free YouTube and Play Music. However Venture Beat observes that, at this time, YouTube Music isn't as fully featured as Google's current Spotify / Apple Music competitor.

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Both the ad-supported and premium versions of YouTube Music will now offer location-based song recommendations. Soon, YouTube Red will be replaced by the more costly $11.99/month YouTube Premium service - the good news is that Premium members will get all the benefits of YouTube's new Music service thrown in too. YouTube Premium is the new name for YouTube Red, which is YouTube's current paid subscription service, priced at $9.99.

The video streaming company said it will also launch YouTube Premium, the revamped YouTube Red subscription service.

The new YouTube Music app, which looks similar to the old one, will feature all this in one, easy to use place.

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For the price, the ad-free experience, background playback and downloads will extend to all of YouTube.

"YouTube was made for video, not just music", explained Elias Roman, Product Manager, YouTube Music, in a blog post.

It'll also be interesting to see what becomes of Google Play Music. In the near future, it will launch in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Youtube launch new Music and Premium services - will it rival Spotify?
The YouTube Music app will be a make or break deal for me! Red launched in many countries, but none of them were in Europe. Both packages are available as a family plan for up to six people at a total cost of either £14.99 or £17.99 per month.

"Google has an advantage given YouTube's more than a billion users and viewers". YouTube intends to charge $2 for other parts of YouTube service, but you will be required to pay for YouTube Music in any case.

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