Domino's Repaves Roads to Save Pizza

Domino's Pizza fixing potholes

Domino's fixes roads with ?Paving for Pizza? initiative - Autoblog

Domino's Pizza (now just Domino's) started here in MI in the 1960s, when the state was the center of the automotive universe.

The US pizza chain has already fixed 40 potholes on 10 roads over the same number of hours in Milford, Delaware and is asking customers to nominate other spots in the country to deal with. The initiative is aimed at 'saving pizza.' Picture courtesy of Domino's Pizza."Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed?"

Domino's Pizza has launched a campaign to repair potholes in towns across the country
Domino's Pizza has launched a campaign to repair potholes in towns across the country

Domino's Pizza is stepping in to help fix America's infrastructure - filling potholes to make sure your pies make it home safely.

Domino's claim they're making the move because potholes and bumps in the road can cause "irreversible damage to your pizza".

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It also shows how Domino's has worked in the past to help towns fix their roads. A spokesperson called it "an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store". Protecting pizza sanctity, McCormick added, can only truly be achieved through "a true bold stake in the ground" such as road fix.

Customers can go to the site and nominate their town.

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Which says far more about the state of America's road funding than it does about pizza, really.

The company is even showing customers what happens to pizzas during a delivery on rough roads, with the help of a camera set up inside a pizza box. She said Domino's wasn't disclosing how much it was spending on the grants.

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Domino's is taking American infrastructure into its own hands.

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