'Command & Conquer: Rivals' (ALL) Announced - Trailer

Command & Conquer: Rivals takes the strategy series to mobile

A New ‘Command & Conquer’ Is Coming to Mobile Devices

If you head over to the game's listing on the Play Store, there's a pre-register button that allows you to get notifications about the game's release and be eligible to play it even this early in its development.

The Command and Conquer franchise is one of the most beloved RTS series out there, but it's not a series that lends itself to extremely quick gameplay, trending more towards a slower, methodical approach as they best way to succeed.

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EA's last attempt at reviving the long dormant Command & Conquer franchise happened half a decade ago, all the way back in 2013. The game was described as a strategy game for mobile devices, but unlike the in-depth mechanics of the real-time strategy titles for the PC, Command & Conquer: Rivals features elements similar to Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. EA has spaces open in the game's pre-alpha and are inviting users to give it a shot before a launch takes place. Each side has a base, and will vie for control of a missile in the centre of the map.

The publisher revealed the game has been designed specifically for mobile, and will focus on 1-v-1 match-ups.

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The game features two factions and familiar real-time strategy gameplay where you attempt to balance resource management and unit placement. Command and Conquer Rivals will release on iOS and Android, with the pre-alpha version being available on Android today. Once in the battle, you'll need to construct the required building before sending out the units themselves.

There's also the option to send out additional harvesters to boost your tiberium income, but they're vulnerable to enemy attack. As the missile's countdown exhausts, whoever controls the minority takes a devastating hit from the warhead.

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