Bad News for Democrats Seeking Reelection? McConnell Cancels Most of August Recess

Senators to introduce bill reining in Trump's tariff authority

Greg Nash

The ruling GOP majority of the Senate suddenly adjourned the Senate's session for the week on Thursday when it became clear that the Republicans could not obtain the 32 votes needed to pass a bill due to the continued absence of a Navy-bound senator that tips the otherwise equally divided chamber membership.

That, of course, opens the door to another negotiation between now and August between McConnell and Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y.

Republicans passed an overhaul of the tax code at the end of a year ago and confirmed a new conservative Supreme Court justice, but otherwise have failed to accomplish any other big-ticket campaign promises. "... I'm a United States senator and, you know, I have responsibilities".

Reed backed Schumer's goal of acting on health care over the summer session. If they can, senators should still be talking about passing something to fix the health care mess that Obamacare left behind. "Americans deserve representatives who put in the work necessary to accomplish what they were sent to Washington to get done", he said.

Lankford said last month that Democrats have slowed down all work in the Senate.

"None of us want to go up (against Trump)". 'The fact that the Republicans have resorted to keeping Democrats off the campaign trail in August shows you just how nervous they are about November, ' said a senior Democratic aide.

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Schumer, of NY, said Democrats were instead building out their messaging and platform on issues like health care and infrastructure to rebuild a national coalition that can win, while their attacks on Trump in 2016 led to the party's sweeping losses.

The Senate will now recess for one week in August instead of four, said McConnell, R-Ky.

McConnell also said Tuesday that he wants to pass as many annual spending bills as possible before the September 30 end of the federal fiscal year. "I will never sign a bill like this again", he said on March 23. He said the Senate would use the time to continue to approve nominees, which it has been doing all year, and to pass spending bills, an annual task for lawmakers. He pledged to veto an omnibus spending bill earlier this year. "Working Floridians don't get to take the month of August off, and neither should career politicians".

"I don't even think that".

Not coincidentally, recent polling has found that voters - and especially Democratic voters - want to hear candidates talk about health care during the midterm campaign.

McConnell also received support from members of the House Tuesday, with freshman Representative Mike Gallagher requesting the lower chamber to remain in session. He and Texas Sen.

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After all, without a long stretch at home, vulnerable GOP senators now have an excuse to avoid public meetings, town halls and other face-to-face forums where they would be forced to interact directly with their constituents.

The British leader has said that European nations should be permanently exempted from the tariffs. I still don't think that that makes it beside the point.

The Democrats finally succeeded - on their third try on Wednesday - in getting the amendment on the floor.

Corker said that during the lengthy conversation president argued that Corker's bill would limit Trump's negotiating authority.

Republicans have hit Democrats for their "obstruction" of Donald Trump's nominees in the past.

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