PS4's Visually Stunning TETRIS EFFECT Has VR And A Time-Warping Mode

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Tetris Effect coming to PS4, PSVR this fall

"By having each of more than 30 stages immerse you in a different fantastical world that reacts and evolves based on how you play: background elements, audio, special effects - everything, down to the Tetris pieces themselves, pulse, dance, shimmer, make music, explode, ideal sync with how you're playing". It's inspired by a scientific phenomena of the same name - Tetris players reported seeing the game's iconic puzzle pieces, hours after playing.

No word yet on if the game plays like the classic Tetris games, but judging by the visuals and audio from the trailer (above), it looks as if this latest entry in the long-running series has been heavily infused with some Lumines and Rez vibes. Tetris Effect is named after an actual psychological effect seen in Tetris players, and Sony says the game is created to enhance elements of this phenomenon. Music, backgrounds, sounds, and special effects all shimmer, pulse, and even explode, surrounding the player with three-dimensional worlds that react to your gameplay decisions.

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Tetris Effect will offer 30 different stages, each with its own unique design and music. Sony is promising there will be other new additions to the game too, but loyal Tetris fans will see fan favorites such as Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra modes returning.

As more details about the game are announced, we'll be sure to update this post. It's the new "Zone" mechanic which allows you to stop time and plan your next move without the stress or anxiety caused by rapidly falling pieces. It's certainly a unique approach to a rather dated franchise and I actually do look forward to seeing how it appeals to a new audience of gamers. Experience these sights and sounds while fully-immersed in 3D will no doubt add to the trippiness of the game.

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This fall, Tetris is coming to the PlayStation 4.

The press release did not mention full exclusivity, but not other platforms were mentioned, at least for now.

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