For some breast cancer patients, the chemo decision may now be easier

Phyllis Laccetti a participant in the TailorX breast cancer study at her home in Ossining NY

Phyllis Laccetti a participant in the TailorX breast cancer study at her home in Ossining NY

The majority of women with the most common type of early-stage breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy after surgery, according to a highly anticipated new report.

The results were published Sunday in The New England Journal of Medicine and were announced at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2018 meeting in Chicago.

Researchers say, the results allowed them to separate women who would benefit from chemotherapy due to a higher risk of recurrent breast cancer, and those who tested at a lower risk and do not need chemo for treatment.

"Now with these genomic tests, we are finding that we have multiple types of breast cancer, perhaps several dozen", Brawley said. This therapy has allegedly been an essential treatment for many women as it lowers the risk of cancer recurrence, new tumors from appearing, and even death from the disease.

The study, which used genetic testing and included about 10,000 patients, revealed that women with smaller-sized, estrogen-fueled tumors that had not spread to the lymph nodes fared just as well without chemo as those who received it. "To have your health professional tell you don't need chemo, there's one side glad you don't have to have it and the other wondering are we really taking care of my breast cancer", said Garner.

Thousands of women could skip painful and detrimental chemotherapy in treating early-stage breast cancer, according to a groundbreaking study.

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But in recent years, as many doctors concluded that women with early-stage cancer were being over-treated, they have reduced their use of chemotherapy, which can cause nausea, fatigue and, in rare cases, more serious complications such as leukemia and heart failure. The doctor said that her only hope of avoiding that toxic cocktail lay in the results of an ongoing trial, Tailorx.

Cancer Trials Ireland CEO, Eibhlin Mulroe, added that the fact that so many women in Ireland were able to take part in this trial "demonstrates the world-class capability of our unique network of cancer trials research units spread across Ireland". The Trial Assigning Individualized Options for Treatment (TAILORx) looked only at HER+, node-negative disease and women with midrange scores on the genetic tests - a group that has not been researched as much as some others.

"Moving forward, when women are making this decision, this study will help us put it into perspective and give them better advice next week than we were able to give them last week", said Litton, who was attending the conference where the results were discussed.

Patients with a recurrence score of up to ten out of 100 have previously been shown not to benefit from chemotherapy and need only hormone treatment.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in India.

"Tumors grow more aggressively in premenopausal women, not just women under 50", Brawley said.

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Charity Breast Cancer Care said it was a "life-changing breakthrough".

One difference: In women 50 or younger, chemo was associated with a lower risk of cancer recurrence, although the rates of overall survival were similar.

"For countless women and their doctors, the days of uncertainty are over". "Devastating side effects such as hair loss, severe pain and infertility can be traumatic and life-changing, yet many endure it to try and avoid the cancer coming back".

In a landmark first case, Judy Perkins was diagnosed with breast cancer and given only three months to live.

Thousands of women have been tested over the years using Oncotype DX to help determine the true effectiveness of chemo.

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