Everyone's getting new Gmail - and old Gmail will soon go extinct

Google will roll out 'new Gmail' to all users starting next month

Google will roll out 'new Gmail' to all users starting next month

Google has reported plans to begin moving users once again to the new Gmail design and in the end evacuate the old one, with the progressions commencing one month from now. Then they will have another four weeks to opt out, allowing for a total of 12 weeks to deal with the switch, according to a blog post published by Gmail on Monday.

As Google explains, anyone can opt in to the new design at the moment.

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The schedule that Google lays out for the new Gmail migration for G Suite users starts in July, although the company does not give a specific date.

The new Gmail, perhaps most notably, features confidential mode, which lets you set an expiration date on your email, so it disappears after a certain amount of time and the recipient sees an "email has expired" message instead. In any case, sooner or later in October, the choice will vanish and G Suite accounts will be required to utilize the new design. After the four weeks, users will no longer be able to opt in to the new Gmail. Note that as of July 2017, there have already been a recorded 1.2 billion monthly active Gmail users, which means it could be impractical to have a very specific timeline for releasing the updates. During this time and through August, users will still have the ability to opt out of the update.

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While Google has not confirmed either way, we guess this system will also be used for general users. G Suite users will need to wait for the admin or IT person to make it available to them. During this four-week period, users will not have the option to opt in to the new Gmail.

It just seems that choice is, update or stop using Gmail.

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Google's G Suite makeover is aimed at saving businesses email hours, opens and time spent on notifications.

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