Apple launches new OS version called 'Mojave' for Mac PCs and laptops

Looks like macOS 10.14 will have a new dark mode and an Apple News app		
	Anthony Ha

   	8 hours

Looks like macOS 10.14 will have a new dark mode and an Apple News app Anthony Ha @ 8 hours

The developer preview of iOS 12 is available now and a public beta programme will be available to iOS users later this month. Likewise, the new Stacks feature helps to organize the desktop clutter by automatically assembling files into set groups. Messy desktops can be quickly and easily organised with a new Stacks feature, grouping relating items together neatly.

Just as the leaks suggested, Apple has finally introduced a native, system-wide Dark Mode in Mojave. This optional feature extends the theme across multiple macOS apps such as Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar and Photos to make content stand out more than before.

In the case of macOS Mojave, the default wallpaper image is a attractive sand dune in the Mojave Desert, and with Dynamic Desktops enabled, users will see the sun slowly move across the sky during the day, taking their desktop wallpaper from day to night.

Here we'll run you through the key new features in macOS Mojave as well as giving you our first impression of their functionality and usefulness. Here in, the system changes the desktop picture to match the duration of a day.

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Stacks can also be customised so users can sort files by type or by other attributes such as date, size and tags.

Dark Mode transforms the Mac desktop with a dramatic darkened color scheme where content pops and controls recede into the background. Here's a look at some of the best new macOS 10.14 Mojave features.

The file preview, which is activated by selecting a file and pressing the Space key, receives new functions. The Preview Pane also shows all of a file's metadata, making it easier to manage media assets. Other rumors that are circulating the web is that Apple could be coming out with some applications that will work across desktop and mobile devices.

For the first time ever, apps like News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home are available on Mac.

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Following detailed leaks last week, Apple has announced macOS Mojave featuring a fully redesigned Mac App Store, Dark Mode, Home app, Desktop Stacks, and more. Also, there is a Categories tab that lists all the apps category-wise. Apple is also using WWDC as the stage to introduce redesigned Mac App Store with a sidebar on the left and big section for editorial.

Apple is continuing with the popular tradition of naming the macOS after lovely landscapes.

This new feature is part of a larger Continuity effort to bring one seamless experience across all your Apple devices.

Federighi explicitly said that Apple is not merging iOS and macOS, highlighting the differences between the hardware in the Mac and on the iPhone and iPad. It also prevents hackers from tracking users based on their system configuration. In the new MacOS 10.14 Mojave, the OS will start alerting the user whenever a certain app tries accessing your camera and microphone or starts going through your personal data.

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