Facebook to pull plug on 'Trending' topics feature

Facebook says it is shutting down its ill-fated 'trending' news section

Facebook says it is shutting down its ill-fated 'trending' news section

Just like how there are Google Trends and Twitter trends, Facebook has its own Trending section on the sidebar where users can see what kind of topics are trending at the moment to keep themselves up to date. It also said it was launching a dedicated section for live coverage and daily news briefings in its Watch product.

While it may be true that Trending wasn't used very much, the feature also opened Facebook to attack from critics who complained it was jury-rigging the news diet of its massive user base.

Facebook has occasionally gotten in trouble because of Trending, which could get confused and surface objectionable content and Fake News. But the trending section also proved problematic in ways that would presage Facebook's later problems with fake news, political balance and the limitations of artificial intelligence in managing the messy human world.

The company Friday said the feature, which it intends to remove next week, became less useful over time, and that removing it would "make way for future news experiences" on the platform. In response, the company is investing in other news products, such as the "Breaking News" label, a local news tab, and news programs within Facebook Watch, its video service.

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First published June 1 at 8:20 a.m. PT. Update at 11:06 a.m. PT: Adds date for Trending Topics to be taken down.

Trending Topics was one of those Facebook features that seemed sensible on paper, but in practice turned out to be a major headache for the company.

Trending was added to Facebook in 2014.

Jankowicz welcomed Facebook's changes.

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Conservatives have often charged Facebook with being biased against them, grilling Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the issue in an April hearing.

Facebook said it is running a test in several countries including in India to let publishers put a "breaking news" indicator on their posts in News Feed.

The Associated Press This image provided by Facebook shows a new feature Facebook is testing out. The reason for shutdown is to ensure that users will get news from quality and trustworthy sources.

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