Ten die in India outbreak of brain-damaging virus

Nipah patients PTI

World News: Extremely uncommon 'mind swelling' Nipah virus kills 13 and leaves at the very least 200 in hospital in India amid fears of a worldwide epidemic

While responding to Nipah virus, Mr. Vij said that he has ordered the Health Department to become alert.

The state health services directorate has been collecting reports from each and every district of the state on the subject.

All animal samples, together with these from bats, cattle, goats and pigs from the southern state of Kerala, despatched to the Nationwide Institute of Excessive Safety Animal Ailments, in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, had been unfavourable for Nipah, stated animal husbandry officer A. Mohandas. In these cases, people can become drowsy, disoriented and suffer convulsions and coma. K.R. Vancheeswaran of WTO told DC that over and above the advisory of the state government against travelling in Wayanad, there was an organized attempt by vested interest groups in other states to spread rumours that there was a unsafe disease outbreak in Kerala and that went viral in tourism circles the world over.

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Close to 200 patients in these two districts are being treated in hospitals, with 26 under observation.

A Keralite who travelled to Goa by train on Monday, has been quarantined at an isolation ward of a leading hospital here after developing symptoms similar to those affected by the deadly Nipah virus.

"Even recently on Gurugram Namaz case, Vij had said that" Namaz should follow in open only if someone is needed, it is wrong to pray Namaz with the intention of occupying any place.

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The virus, discovered 20 years ago, has so far killed 11 people in the current outbreak, with 14 additional cases confirmed.

According to C Vijaya Baskar, state health minister the government has taken all the possible precautions to prevent the virus from spreading.

While seeking to dispel fears, the department informed that Nipah Virus which is named after the Nipah River village in Malaysia is a new or emerging disease that can cause disease to human as well as animals. It is known that the natural host of the virus are mainly the fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family, Pteropus genus.

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