Scientists Say You Should Sleep in Past Noon on the Weekends

Sleeping in saves lives

Go Ahead and Sleep In This Weekend: New Study Says It'll Make You Live Longer

For people over 65-years-old there is no link between sleep duration and a heightened risk of death.

Sleeping in on weekends might make up for the negative health effects of not getting enough rest during the week, according to study results published this week in the Journal of Sleep Research.

Sleeping in saves lives

The study revealed that participants who were suffering from a lack of sleep had five times more attention lapses and their reaction time was doubled during tests. The groups were again divided and paired by weekday and weekend sleep habits.

The researchers also came to the surprising conclusion that regularly having more than eight hours a sleep a night could also be connected with a higher mortality rate.

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But the data does not show that short or long sleep is somehow responsible for higher mortality, lead author Torbjorn Akerstedt told the Washington Post.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults aged 18-60 get at least seven hours of sleep per night. For under-65s, they found while sleeping fewer than five hours a night increased mortality by 52 percent, the increased chance of death could be wiped out by getting the right amount once or twice a week. "Sleeping less than seven hours per night on a regular basis is associated with adverse health outcomes", the academy wrote in a consensus statement. They did account for other factors influencing sleep, such as alcohol and coffee consumption, smoking habits, shift work and more. They are the ones who can compensate with longer rest on the weekends, because there is not as much of a deficit.

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