Nipah outbreak: toll touches to 13 in Kerala

Vaccine researcher

Nipah death toll in India hits 12 as CEPI funds vaccine efforts

Two suspect cases in Karnataka, a state bordering Kerala, proved negative, said a medical official there.

Agents said citing panic messages doing rounds on the social media, they fear cancellations at the last moment that will ultimately affect their business.

The blood and serum samples of 21 bats were then sent to the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal, reported NDTV.

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Meanwhile, Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran said in Thiruvananthapuram that the government and the department would take the initiative to alleviate the concern among tourists and stakeholders following the outbreak of Nipah. It is related to the Hendra virus, and is one of the World Health Organization's priority diseases. Although the test results are showing that the Nipah virus has not come from bats.

Officials in a third Indian state were checking on Friday if two people had been infected with the brain-damaging Nipah virus that has killed 12 in southern Kerala, although the government described the outbreak as minor. At present, there is no vaccine or drug to treat NiV infection in humans or animals. Testing is planned on bats, suspected as the source of the outbreak, collected from the well in the home of the index illness family.

The Sikkim health department in its statement said, "Though there is a minimal possibility of Nipah virus in Sikkim, the people need to take precaution". "We have been asked by the Centre not to put any restriction on people visiting Kerela", said Umesh Phangcho, state nodal officer, vector-borne disease control programme, Assam. During cremation of Nipah victim, be cautious to avoid contact with body fluids and face, cover your body and face while taking the body and bathe after cremation. The natural host of the virus are fruit bats of the Pteropodidae Family, Pteropus genus.

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Nipah virus is on CEPI's list of three targets, which also includes Lassa fever and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. As this happened, more people with symptoms of fever and neurological symptoms began to be admitted to hospitals.

In the meantime, the doctors also enquired about the health of other members of Salih's family and discovered that Salih's brother, Muhammed Sabith, had died on May 5 at Kozhikode Medical College Hospital after showing the same symptoms.

Although the risk of getting infected with the virus from bats and pigs are low in Bhutan, Dr Karma Lhazeen said the risk is in people travelling in and out of the affected places.

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