Hawaii volcano overwhelms neighborhood with river of molten misery

Deadly lava is tearing through Hawaii as the Kilauea volcano's violent eruption continues — here are the latest images

This is what the Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii looks like from space | The Tribune

Kilauea began erupting lava in a residential neighborhood on May 3. Officials announced the incident with few details, identifying Clinton only as a homeowner on Noni Farms Road who had shattered his leg from his shin to his foot when lava spatter struck him.

The eruption has destroyed 50 buildings, including about two dozen homes.

Production wells at a geothermal plant under threat by lava flowing from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano have been plugged to prevent toxic gases from seeping out, authorities said.

Eruption of lava and ground cracking continues Wednesday in the area of Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens subdivision in Puna.

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A timelapse video caught by the Gemini Observatory shows the volcano's dramatic glow overnight from May 21 to 22, depicting what it describes as: "the glow from an extensive region of fissures over the course of a single night".

On the volcano's east flank, almost two-dozen fissures are producing 15,000 tons a day of toxic sulfur dioxide, a level "much higher than seen in recent times", Bravender said.

"It's nearly like catching a football", Clinton told CNN, who interviewed him on Friday, before he was hit by a lava bomb. Doctors saved his leg, but he must avoid putting weight on it for six weeks.

The harrowing incident did little to dampen his awe of the volcano and its powers - or his desire to remain there.

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Here's something else you may not have known - this is actually NOT a new eruption.

An explosive eruption at the Kilauea summit at 3:45 a.m. sent ash to a height of 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) over Hawaii's Big Island, civil defense said. "It reacts vigorously with sea water to create a different type of gas plume that results in hazy and noxious conditions downwind of an ocean entry", explained the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, in a statement. Lava flowing from the volcano recently reached the ocean, causing a unsafe lava-haze phenomena known as ' laze' that sends acid- and glass-laced steam shooting into the air, creating yet another hazard for those downwind of the lava's ocean entry point.

Laze occurs when hot lava meets the ocean, sending a plume of hydrochloric acid and steam, along with fine glass particles, into the air. Even the smoke rising from the lava appears to take on a red tinge as it plumes into the sky.

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