Amazon's Facial 'Rekognition' Tool Used By Cops Is Cheaper Than Netflix

Amazon is Discreetly Selling Facial Recognition Technology

'Recipe for authoritarianism': Amazon under fire for selling face-recognition software to police

"Through the pilot, Orlando will utilize Amazon's Rekognition Video and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams technology in a way that will use existing city resources to provide real-time detection and notification of persons of interests, further increasing public safety, and operational efficiency opportunities for the City of Orlando and other cities across the nation".

The new service can identify, track and analyze people in real time, recognizing up to 100 people in a single image.

"People should be free to walk down the street without being watched by the government", the letter also reads.

The organizations sent a letter to Amazon after an ACLU investigation found Amazon had been working with a number of United States law enforcement agencies to deploy its artificial intelligence-powered Rekognition service.

But the ACLU is anxious about who exactly those people of interest might be.

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"Amazon must act swiftly to stand up for civil rights and civil liberties, including those of its own customers, and take Rekognition off the table for governments". Chris Adzima, a systems analyst in the office, told Amazon officials that he fed about 300,000 images from the county's mug shot database into Amazon's system.

KOIN 6 News asked Talbot whether the employee's email that was released in the public records request to the ACLU indicated plans to expand the sources for database images.

The documents reveal that Rekognition has been used in Police Body Camera to identify people. This trend has also raised concerns among ACLU and other human rights groups who fear that this technology, once deployed on a mass scale, will be abused by the law enforcement agencies. "They are concerned that ACLU might consider this the government getting in bed with big data".

'Facial recognition in American communities threatens this freedom.

While police might be able to videotape public demonstrations, face recognition is not merely an extension of photography but a biometric measurement - more akin to police walking through a demonstration and demanding identification from everyone there. ICE could seek to continuously monitor immigrants as they embark on new lives. But its vast reach and its interest in recruiting more police departments - at extremely low cost - are troubling, said Clare Garvie, an associate at the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown University Law Center. That's particularly problematic when facial recognition on body cameras is illegal in Oregon.

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The ACLU sounded an alarm on Rekognition previous year when Washington County started boasting about the results it was getting from the software.

More than 40 groups sent a letter to Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos saying technology from the company's cloud computing unit was ripe for abuse.

"As advertised, Rekognition is a powerful surveillance system readily available to violate rights and target communities of color", an ACLU-led coalition said in a letter on Tuesday to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Whatever the reason may be, the result translates to police, using Amazon's AI-powered facial recognition system, to potentially track anyone - not just the suspects in a particular criminal case.

'Once a risky surveillance system like this is turned against the public, the harm can't be undone'. But civil rights groups are voicing concern.

Law enforcement agencies across the USA are ordering a different kind of product from Amazon - facial recognition.

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