The real reason the net neutrality debate won't die

If You're Into Symbolic-But-Probably-Hollow Victories the Senate Just Voted to Save Net Neutrality

Senate Democrats push to block net neutrality repeal using Congressional Review Act

All 49 Democrats in the Senate voted in favor of the bill, along with Republicans Susan Collins of Maine, John Kennedy of Louisiana, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

The resolution faces an uphill struggle in the Republican majority House and it would also need a signature from President Trump, who supports the repeal.

Thune argued that the main components of net neutrality - a ban on blocking, throttling and paid prioritization - already had broad approval and so Congress should move forward with plans to draft them into the law.

"Residents on Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island have depended on a free and open internet to receive up to the minute and life saving information from local media as well as from federal state and local governments", Hirono said.

"That's what we're going back to: rules that were in place for two decades under a light-touch regulatory approach that allowed the internet to explode and prosper and grow", Thune said.

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Don't expect the House to go along with the Senate on this.

One of the reasons why the FCC chose to end its net neutrality protection is because the agency believes that its authority extends only in the regulation of broadband networks, whereas websites and services are under the domain of the Federal Trade Commission.

But Trump-appointed FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai vowed to overturn it anyway, and in December the board voted to end net neutrality on June 11. That's not impossible - net neutrality has broad support from voters in both parties - but even then, the chances of the bill making it through the White House are slim.

But many politicians are convinced the issue will help motivate younger people to vote in the 2018 congressional elections and numerous polls show overwhelming public support for retaining the Obama-era net neutrality rules.

Tech companies have been signaling that the repeal of net neutrality could lead to significant financial consequences.

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Still, others were quick to warn that there's still much work to be done before net neutrality can be restored. They say just trust us. And because there have been recent dramatic swings from the FCC on the issue, it is critical we develop a bipartisan legislative solution", said Senator Sullivan. "S.J.

Evan Greer, Deputy Director of Fight for the Future, a digital rights group that has mobilized millions to speak out on net neutrality, issued the following statement.

Experts including Amanda Lotz, a professor of communication studies and screen arts and cultures at the University of MI, do not anticipate internet access will change noticeably come mid-June. That's why so many people from across the political spectrum pushed their lawmakers to support this resolution - and the public pressure will only intensify as this measure moves to the House.

Citing that one in five Louisianans do not have a choice over their internet service provider, Sen.

The sponsors of the resolution in the Senate used the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to turn back administrative agency decisions within a certain period of time.

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