Whatsapp Group Features Updated - Check New Features

WhatsApp update brings Slack-style group messaging features and new admin controls

WhatsApp Groups gets new description, admin controls, Group catch up, and more features

In addition to this change for WhatsApp group chat, the service is also launching a new feature called Catch Up - allowing users to see a quick recap of messages that have mentioned or replied to you since you've been away.

WhatsApp will now come with a newly updated group description which will show up at the top of the chat when a new user joins.

In a bid to stay ahead of the rivals, WhatsApp has now brought new features to improve the user-experience in group chats. Users can not be repeatedly added to a Group that they have quit.

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WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum recently left the company, and the social messaging platform was in the middle of a hassle as its parent company, Facebook, was in the news for all the wrong reasons. This is also likely to help company's fight with Telegram, a competitor that has been getting decent traction in recent past for Group chats. Additionally, if you are a group creator, you can no longer be removed from the group. This includes group's name, icon and description.

With this feature, WhatsApp Groups get more descriptive. The feature is available under "Admin Controls" in Group settings.

The Group Description feature was rolled out by WhatsApp for Android users back two months ago, however, it has been officially announced for Android as well as iPhone users.

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With this new component, any client or the group administrator can add a portrayal to the visiting group to portray the group's motivation and set the phase for a specific dialog on the conversation.

These features are quite awesome for group members catching up after being away from the conversation, a new catch-up option helps recap what you've missed. The new features are available for Android and iOS users.

And finally, users can now search for particular group participants within group chat.

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