Manchester United Players and Deadpool 2 Come Together For This Hilarious Video

Manchester United Players and Deadpool 2 Come Together For This Hilarious Video

Manchester United Players and Deadpool 2 Come Together For This Hilarious Video

With Deadpool 2 set to release in just a few days, its star, Ryan Reynolds is already looking to the future.

No, not his accelerated healing factor - his ability to surprise. David Leitch ("Atomic Blonde") takes over as director, and he clearly knew a good thing when he saw it, as he essentially falls in line with the tone and visual language already established by Tim Miller.

The old saying goes "well, if you liked the first one, you'll love the sequel" and it's so true with Deadpool 2 as it returns to do more of what it does best but those wanting some a more rounded, mythology-exploring follow-up might leave a little disappointed. That being said, any further film, be it a team-up or standalone, will hinge heavily on the box office numbers for Deadpool 2. Indeed many will get a great kick out of a stand-out sequence featuring all the major players that is both frenetic and controlled with the camera, lensed by Jonathan Sela, whipping in and around the action at breakneck speed. This is the part of the movie that has the most spoilers, so see this movie before social media ruins it.

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Earlier this month, Reynolds dressed as Deadpool to complain - with some justification - that Canada wasn't allowed to participate in Eurovision when "you let in Australia, and they're barely on the planet". "I'm a big, big fan of the first one". "Deadpool 2" isn't for your kids, at least those under 14 or 15. For the most part they do, but there's more going on in the film than merely Deadpool's brand of meta humor, which at times can feel a bit at odds. Cable is a very formidable opponent, and the X-Men are done with Wade Wilson's violent shenanigans so he has to recruit a new team, called, derivatively enough, "X-Force", consisting of characters like Bedlam, Shatterstar, Peter, and Domino (Zazie Beetz).

One of the biggest reasons that Crews finally agreed to break into the genre was because Reynolds reached out directly to him.

There are narrative stakes, of sorts, smuggled in with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick's mission to make sides ache (they are joined this time round by Reynolds himself). Stunt co-ordinator Jonathan Eusebio's gets in on the action too.

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"Deadpool 2" premieres in theatres on May 18. While Deadpool 2's premiere date was pushed forward to May instead of June, other films like The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix were pushed to 2019.

"Thank you, guys, for having me. Congrats" with a picture of a note from Stark rejecting Deadpool's request to join the Avengers. I see it being a real ensemble on a lot of levels just because I think it's interesting for Deadpool to kinda function in the way he does in his own universe. Given Disney's buying Fox, the merc with a mouth might just have his day.

Will you be checking out Deadpool 2 when it comes out this weekend?

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