US House democrats have released ads that Russians put on Facebook

Congress releases 3,500 Russian-bought Facebook ads

Congress releases 3,500 Russian-bought Facebook ads|| 105199013More

The intelligence committee Democrats released a sampling of the ads purchased by Russia's Internet Research Agency previous year. The ads, fewer than 50 of which had previously been revealed, offer. Many sought to stir up both sides on issues ranging from guns and immigration to the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality.

Hundreds of the ads ran after the election, continuing the effort to sow discord.

In response, Facebook has released a blog post detailing what they are doing in the future to stop this kind of activity from ever happening again.

The Heart of Texas group also posted about veterans and border security, often using doctored images created to stir an emotional response.

That provocation was carried on a June 2016 Facebook ad that depicted a dark-skinned Jesus, head wrapped in a scarf, next to a traditional image of Christ.

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The ads, which were purchased for $100,000 but reached almost 150 million people on Facebook alone, have been one of the key factors which have turned the harsh glare of lawmakers onto the tech giants.

"Join the event, bring your friends feel safe with us!" read the ad, which targeted people living within 25 miles of Tampa.

The page regularly posted statements that appeared to challenge of rhetoric of the nascent Trump administration. The company outlined several changes it has already made to its ad policies. It was shared 675 times. The intelligence community, however, has overwhelmingly concluded that they sought to meddle in the US political system. Notice, though, that none of the most popular ads are specifically political, talking about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Looking at the newly-released ads, it was clear that Russian trolls were trying to replicate their success in Idaho.

In the meantime, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said lawmakers would continue probing Russia's online disinformation efforts.

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According to an indictment brought by Mueller of 13 Russian operatives earlier this year, the Facebook specialists, pretending to be Americans, took shifts to ensure they posted during the appropriate time zones and circulated lists of U.S. holidays to stay in the American groove. And we were too slow to spot this type of information operations interference.

"This will never be a solved problem because we're up against determined, creative and well-funded adversaries", the post said. "But we are making steady progress", Facebook said.

According to the committee, there were 3,393 advertisements purchased, which were seen by more than 11.4 million Americans.

Numerous ads have been made public over the past year, but the database provides a fuller picture of an effort that cost the Russians barely $100,000 to reach 126 million Americans and arguably impact the race that sent Trump to the White House over favored Clinton.

You can see the ads that the House Democrats released here.

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- CNN's Manu Raju and Aaron Kessler contributed reporting.

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